Friday, April 4, 2014

This Weekend Only!

Year of the Horse giftie!

Moriko Inshan is making the Hanaya - Yummy Collectibles group free to join, this weekend only.

She says, "And for anyone who has joined since April 1st, if you send me your transaction detail for the 250 L cost to join, I will reimburse you." She has awesome group gifts!

Hanaya sells beautifully detailed flowers, furnishings, and structures.

Skating shack hunt prize that gave skates.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Can You Hear Me, Particle Tom?

Ooo! Spooky!

Lludmila loves the particle shows. There are some stills by Lexi and Particle Tom now on exhibit at the Panorama Gallery. Some of them are not totally still, but that doesn't show up in this 2-D rendering.

Love color!


If you don't believe how much Lludmila loves the particle shows, check out her collections on Flickr:


... but only if you have a lot of time on your hands because I'm afraid we overdid taking photos! You really need to experience these shows live with the music, so click on the Panorama subscribo to be kept abreast of those and other events!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

And the Winner Is ...

Can't do anything about the glasses, they're no-copy.

I've probably complained about this before. Your avatar goes to a sim, just to go shopping perhaps, and is greeted with a warning notice about how many scripts she's wearing. If you don't trim down, you will be ejected. You look around the shop or the sim and don't see anyone there. You pull up the map and there are no other dots. Whose SLexperience are you ruining?
My avs don't need a lot of scripts to go shopping, so there's no problem removing my no-copy, color-change glasses or my texture-change shoes, but it does make me feel unwelcome, which I think (having had 20 years of Customer Service lectures) has a negative impact on my willingness to return.
Come to think of it, I haven't been back to those shops.
Then there are the lag-fests like Collabor88, where people are desperate to get their avs in and wait forever for things to rez and don't seem to mind being unable to move. No warnings about scripts there. I definitely strip my av down to go.
So, I was somewhat pleased when I saw the script meter at MFFIII. Yes, the lag was debilitating, even with a low-inventory avatar I'd sent in. That apparently had more to do with the time of day and general activity on SL. When Lludmila went in at another time with her 41K inventory, mesh outfit, glasses, resizer boots, she had very little trouble. And while her script usage wasn't at its lowest, it wasn't as bad as some, and we could see that on the board.
And the board asks you to please consider your script weight if your name is in the red, not "Get your scripts below 7 or you'll be ejected." It's up to you to decide if your weight is causing lag. It's polite.

Now, if only we could navigate that maze! Check out my Flickr page for photos of some of the hunt prize outfits we managed to collect!

And the winner is ...

Whoah! Check out Kyle!

You can look good and still go light on scripts.

It's a tie between Annthrasite and Cal! Go alts!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tabloid Paparazza

Lludmila was asked to take some wedding  photos recently. There was a large attendance for a popular couple in her group, so lag was ferocious and she crashed four times before giving up at the reception.We shouldn't always blame the lag; it could be our server. Anyway, she took over 150 photos.* Many of them look like duplicates, such as those pictured. But if you look at them closely, each one tells a different story. 

Smile, dammit! ARGH!
Pressed wrong button. Smile again, please!
Avatars are constantly shifting position. In the above photos, the couple are actually just waiting until time to teleport to the reception. Their typists may not even be there. Still, the avatars move. They look this way and that. They are caught being ... natural. Our human brains start ascribing thoughts to them. Timo looks at Galia's arse admiringly - or so it seems.

Lludmila stands quietly (somewhere - her typist has already forgotten where she was last) and watches the minimalist dance between two figures. She takes as many photos as she can in hopes of getting one really good one, but then when she goes back to look - each one has something of interest, something that expresses, if not what two other people feel, maybe what feelings are inside her own self.

Best wishes, Timo and Galia. The ceremony was delightful. I hope you enjoy the photos.


lludmila and marf

*Feel free to peruse the set - although a few were removed. Not sure why. It's not as if there are space considerations on Flickr.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Beauty of Rough-Cut Weathered Woodgrain

Fox with monocle?

There's another outstanding art exhibit at the Panorama Gallery right now. Detailed photographs of weathered wood in "Fencing In Beauty." The photos are merely numbered, so it's up to you to see more!

"Is it just me, or are there faces in the wood?"

The Workaround

As mentioned on the Other Blog, sometimes there's just one tiny thing that's keeping a mesh outfit from absolute perfection. The dress looked great on Lludmila, so Annthrasite ran out to do the same hunt to get the dress for herself. But, when Annthrasite put it on - uh oh!

Total perfection except at the elbow. And this will not be helped by a larger size.

Because it's the non-mod alpha.

So, here's what Annthrasite did. She went into Appearance to Edit Outfit. She chose New Glove.

She picked a nice color to blend, and then adjusted the size for maximum coverage with minimal extra glove.
After saving it with an appropriate name, she moved it to the outfit's folder so it would always be there and would all come together with a "wear."

Here's what it looks like by itself. The glove layer can go higher, but it didn't need to. This is the "0" point for fingerless.

It can barely be seen in the bell of the sleeve

And now Annthrasite double-dog dares you to find it. And she didn't have to learn how to tailor an alpha (although she should probably learn that some day) and rescued a 1L hunt gift without extra charges for upload. Go dance to your heart's content, Hon!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Virtual World "Problems"

This has nothing to do with anything, I just thought
the build was really pretty.

It was 14 months ago I launched the Unslutty and Undead marketplace shop to share my silly little gestures and poses with the virtual public. I did it for a giggle, for a small amount of validation (gosh, I'm needy!), and not for any remuneration (except for that Harold Lloyd clock pose - the clockface had been such a hassle to create that I demand an entire Llinden dollar for it). I really am pleased with the result. I get these nice little emails from the marketplace telling me who bought what, and I really do giggle over it.

The time for giggling is past, though. I'm getting tired of the emails. There have been 1,526 of them in the past 14 months. At first there would be one or two a week. Giggle, giggle! There's this gurgly feeling inside that I have shared something with someone - that they thought enough of what I created to get it for free. Pathetic, aren't I? Recently, however, I'm getting multiple emails daily. This is starting to wear on my Happiness organ, the Felix Organus Magnus. I can only be thrilled by something so many times in a week before I run out of mucus felicitas. It becomes a kind of burden to read the emails and categorize them (can't help myself - German ancestry). I can't imagine what it must be like to have to keep up with these in case of complaints. If anyone complains now, I just point to the "It's Free" sign and I'm off the hook.

All this leads me to believe that I couldn't possibly handle this as an actual business. There was a brief period recently that I considered making some full perm poses for sale for, I dunno, 5 Llindens. Forget that, Herbert! I don't need the money and it would stop being fun.

That said, if anyone wanted something full perm, they could just ask me and send me what they think it's worth, the final product, or just a photo of it in use.

Latest addition to the shop is a set of Amurrikin Football poses.

Photo above from Quiet After Evening - Fall at Leroy. Quark Fallen is someone else who just does things for free. Be sure to hit the subscribo because you'll get regular little gifts!

More Quiet After Evening - Fall.