Monday, October 27, 2008

Ish Scawwwy!

Appwoaching the Picklefish Hawnted Housie

One of my dear friends, Mossflower, has added lots of Halloween fun to her">Picklefish Island location. I went to a party there Sunday and ran into Riffraff (AKA Simeon) and we danced until dawn. Mossie gave us a personal tour of the zombies (I'll never go zombie hunting with Simeon again, he's rubbish with that gun - of course, it's ten times bigger than he is, but he only managed to wing one of them so we were all bitten numerous times), the graveyard, and the house itself. Whatever you do, don't eat the candy apple! Don't listen to Mossie - she's cute, but there's the very devil inside her!
The haunted house has a few things I hadn't seen in Second Life haunted houses before, along with some old stand-bys (the crematorium, meathooks). Okay, they're only "old" because I've seen three of them this month without even trying. There's a cool funeral pyre (if that isn't oxymoronic) and ... and ... Oh, I don't want to spoil it.
The fun is spread out, so come prepared to wander around.

Lludmila warms up to the Halloween idea, thanks to some friends.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Journey to the Center of the Haunted Schoolhouse

Kathy is Lost at Cutting Class:

I really thought it was the end of my visits to haunted spaces in Second Life when Giacomo disappeared, but Shang was so effusive over Cutting Class that I thought I'd drag my reluctant posterior through One More. And then Kathy showed back up, a little worse for wear, but still breathing. I immediately sent her back out on this last mission.
I should have sent someone smarter. Kathy says "Clues are hard." Fortunately for her, some smarter avs showed up and all she had to do was hang around until someone unraveled the clues to open the security fence to the upstairs, etc. Otherwise, our Kathy would still be there, standing outside. She had only found one clue when she reached the door, while everyone else had all four. Poor idiot! I used to think it was all the hair, but I clipped that off of her for hunts and such to cut down on brain lag, so that's not it.
As I said, someone showed up who was smart enough to decipher clues and we traveled up the stairs. I bet Kathy even missed some of the little gifts that were scattered around. Once you find your way through the upstairs, you have to figure out how to get down. Poor Kathy! Unfortunately, there was someone able to work the elevator as well. Everyone wound up in the literal bowels of the building, in a challenging maze.

Thanks to outside help, Kathy is now stuck in the Maze of Blood.

Kathy wandered around and around, commenting that she had to get back to work in an hour, going from one nameless horror to another. After investigating every square centimeter of the maze, she found the way out and into a motherlode of goodies ... which she refuses to share with me, along with hints of how to get through the school and who dunnit and why. Grr!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Beneath the Son of the Valley of the Planet of the Haunted House

I sent Giacomo out on one more haunted house investigation to the Toxic Tunnels. Being a city boy, I thought he could handle it. I mean, it's just a subway, right? He claims it's quite an original creation. He added, "Be sure to bring una torcia." I haven't heard from him since. Hmmmm.

Planet of the Haunted Houses

I suppose one shouldn't send a reporter on a mission he doesn't understand. Giacomo tried to spend the night at a motel at the Halloween Horror Village, and did nothing but complain about how Housekeeping kept him up all night. He was also disturbed that the elderly maid appeared to be some transvestite.

He said someone there had invented a teleportation device (an unlikely story), but that the inventor needed that transvestite maid because there were flies everywhere. I dunno, Halloween Horror Village looked like great fun to me with a wide mixture of horror movie themes and free masks.

What's So Haunted About ThisTrain Station?

I'm afraid Giacomo is a bit of a cynic. I sent him to the Haunted Train Station and he was unimpressed. It was more of an auditory thing as far as he could tell and if you keep things set at midnight, you can't see buggerall and photography is pointless. However, while playing around with the view, he saw this ...

[Cue spooky organ chord!]

Despite being ever so difficult to find (it must be, there are these huge signs on the ground pointing to it), the Sleepy Hollow Haunted Orphanage is at least original in its conception and execution. Did I say execution? Heh! Anyway, it's not the usual haunted house. If you've seen one in Second Life, you've seen most of them. This one, at least, is novel. Your walking tour gets progressively more insane. Did I say insane? Mwa-ha-ha-ha-haaaahem. It's worth a gander.

Lludmila says she didn't take any pictures of this ride at Love Buggs so as not to spoil any of the surprises. It's a long ride in a pumpkin cart that holds four, so be sure to bring a few of your friends. Whatever you do, don't go alooooone!

Valley of the Haunted Houses

As we all know, Kathy still hasn't returned from her visit to Halloweentown. I'm sure she'll be back soon. I hope. No real cause for worry, right? Therefore I have sent out my first-string reporter, Lludmila, to get the scoop on the fun that never ends. Here are some more haunted houses I've visited:

Maison du Mort looks harmless ... then you click on an innocent object and ...

If you think the flaming trees outside are terrifying, hold onto your nitroglycerin tablets for the Macarena on the Chair of Death at Age and Country Hotel. Hee!

Hipville Halloween has it all: spooky house, cute rides, challenging corn maze (ha ha! Maize maze!) and amusing photo-posestands. Here Lludmila lives up to her corny reputation.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Bride of Favorite Haunts

Kathy is left off at the castle by the ghost carriage.

Halloweentown has a ghost carriage that takes you to the ghost castle where you can take the ghost "train" through their novel house of horrors. There are other rides and a dance floor where you can dance with the rats. They also have a spooky backstory that I'd tell you about, but ... my avatar never made it back from this sim.

Son of Favorite Haunts

Bentham has a large area of Halloweenabilia which you can traverse in the train. I was sort of disappointed in the haunted house itself, but totally captivated by the asylum! I tried out all the poseballs (I'm especially a sucker for anything that says "Do Not Press This Button" or anything else I'm instructed not to do) but my absoluteliest favoritest thing so far this year is the fire extinguisher at the asylum! I only wish I'd been there with someone - hoo-boy would that have been fun! As it was, I just went nuts in the waiting room all by myself. Say, that was appropriate! It is an asylum! (Giggles maniacally.)

Favorite Haunts - Old Favorites

Of course, I have to return to DarkDharma, which I enjoyed so much last year. Hey, how'd they know it was me again? I never have the patience to sit through the seance and I always fall for the attack chicken. This year, however, I was not splinched by the sofa. Sort of a disappointment.

Octoberville is chock full o' stuff and the haunted house has mostly new things in it. I like this Conveyor Belt of Death concept and only wish that it actually moved the avatar inexorably toward something that would torture my av. But that's just me, innit? Must have some ambivalent feelings about Kathy there.

Favorite Haunts - Killsville

Again this year I'm taking my various avatars around to some of the spooky offerings Second Life has to offer. Going to anything similar in Real Life(tm) would stress me out, but, like falling, when it's in SL, it's funny.
Okay, it helps that someone can't spell "better." I'm laughing right away in Killsville. But the sign is right, your view is "butter" set to Midnight. There are certainly plenty of places to pose your av in this haunted house. I think my favorite is the buzz saw, but the cremation one is timely considering I recently lost my father. I feel so much closer to him now. There is also a tarot reading in the attic.

Oops! Forgot to add the slurl: