Sunday, October 28, 2012

Saturated Color

Art in 2 and 3 dimensions by Toysoldier Thor.

There's another brilliant art exhibit just starting at the Paris Metro Gallery and I recommend you don't miss this one.  Of course, it isn't just the art that is so fascinating, but what the couture elves at Paris Metro will do with it to make some of it into gowns ... which are free.

Oooo, color!

Even more brilliant color by JudiLynn India.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Jo's Place - Muwhahahahahahahaha!

Visit this haunted space before it's gone!  Very colorful!  Very creepy!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Panorama Gallery

Gallery supporter Timo gives Lludmila a tour.

After giving up (again) on Arkhamville, Lludmila received an invitation to the Panorama Gallery at its new home.  Although the Boorama invitation was for later, she thought it would be a good time to visit when the lag was low!  Coincidentally, one of the gallery supporters was there and they chatted as they wandered around the new exhibit of RL(tm) photography and poems.

The Panorama has been open for quite a while and hosted many exhibits and live music events.  Be sure to join their group!

 The current exhibit is some RL(tm) photography by Eliza Cassaboun, some of which incorporate poetry.

So realistic Lludmila could almost walk right into RL(tm)! Heh!

Photography set free for use!

As well as art, there is space for meetings, a garden, and a set up for taking your own photos!  Coming up Saturday, 27 October (tomorrow, in fact) is the Boorama!  Rara Destiny appears at 4 am and Lefty Unplugged at 5 am SLT.  Wear your best Halloween outfit; there's a 500L prize for best Male and Female.

The new location opening in September.

Garden designed by Nepherses Amat.