Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Dedicated Multi-media Exhibit of Fashion

Give it time to load ...

The latest exhibit at the Paris Metro Gallery is a multi-media exhibit by Fuschia Nightfire called "Paris Fashion." Surfaces of the interior of the gallery as well as monitors come alive with a machinima of a fashion show.  The music video is fairly brief and repeats. Be sure you have your media setting turned on. The exhibit  appears throughout the gallery, so you can go to a different area and see from a different angle.

And of course there is the
commemorative gown ... also with
a moving pattern on the mesh portion.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring Has Come ...

New item is on the leftmost lucky board.

... to the +9 mainstore. It's such a pretty little island in the sky just to visit, but there's also something new in the non-group lucky board. You have to be quick, though, because all the boards are set to one minute. You snooze, you lose. There would be a photo of the new item, but SL turned into Crashopolis for no apparent reason. I can understand how it might get annoyed with me camming around like crazy, but it stood still for that and crashed instead right after delivery of the lucky board prize. The "box" is now hanging in midair in my skybox and, honestly, I've had enough crashing for this morning.

Instead, here are some more photos of the mainstore:

Such a lovely, peaceful place.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Tisket, a Tasket ...

A free set of baskets! Now all we need is something to put in them.

In celebration of being chosen as "Designer Of the Month" at the Home & Garden Market, %Percentage is giving out this set of free baskets at the Home & Garden location. All five come with and without shadow and vary between 3 and 4 in the land impact department.

Congratulations, %Percentage!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Griefing that doesn't rez properly. We can't see the penes.

Leaping on the meme bandwagon (late, as usual), Lludmila shares pet SL peeves.  Her biggest one, because of her size, which is within normal RL(tm) human range (well, for a female, anyway), is proportion. Houses and furniture that are just too darn big and can't be modded.

Beautiful Senzafine chair ... that's too big. The chair Lludmila
is actually sitting in was labeled "kid size" and it's a better fit.

This is just soooo wrong.

The saddest of the peeves was when the non-profit tier doubled. Linden Labs is now trying to win back some of the educational institutions - but, why trust LL again?

Mystery Manor burns as Info Island closes for good.

Lludmila has never had any success with vehicles (except maybe her horse, Major). Either she ends up at the bottom of the ocean somehow or ... it takes off out of control and SL goes all crashie.

Darn that swanboat to heck! At least things that float on water
should behave better! But, no-o! They end up in the air!

Fortunately, the nice things outweigh the peeves:

Lludmila loves her friends:

a) They're really clever and creative and 2) they're just so much fun!

Lludmila loves the art:

Location, location, location (Erdbeeren at Leroy sim).
RL(tm) quilt exhibit at the Panorama Gallery.

Who doesn't love Halloween in SL?

You content creators are sick! We love you!

And, one word: carousels!

Wonderful carousel at InshCon.

There's lots more stuff: cute outfits, a new house to decorate anytime or any way you'd want (and all of it fits in file folders), and all the clever and silly stuff people come up with. So, ja ja, it's worth a bit of peeve.