Sunday, October 26, 2014

Going All Mesh On Us

Easel with modern paintings and animations.

[kusshon] is going to change to only mesh items, so some old but still lovely sculpt stuff is going at 60L or less ... and there's a hunt on for 8 pumpkins filled with cute furnishings, two of them mesh, until November 1. Lludmila loves [kusshon] and the pun in the name. Cushions with a kiss! Beolas, das verdient einen Kuss.

Curved retro shelf.

Table with chairs and animations and props.

Delicate Queen Anne occasional tables and a precious
umbrella stand.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Cat Shelf Cuteness

Cutest Thing Evah: Cat Shelves. Gacha for 50L at Izzie's. Pick up the free dripping blood jewelry while you're there!

Having Issues

Cool birdhouse from Night of the Living Cart Sale Mini-Hunt

The plan was to post pix of some of the really cute stuff Lludmila picked up at The Night of the Living Cart Sale and Mini-Hunt. She had on some clothes she'd found (yes, sometimes she is allowed clothes - she originally went to see what Cupcake Clothes had and to buy those cute fall flats from d.l.s. that Annthrasite blogged about) and an array of some of her favorite prizes or 10L sale items. It was artfully arranged. Then I failed to click the second button to save it - apparently. And I carelessly removed everything from the photoblock.

I did manage to get a shot of the birdhouse I found later, putting it up on the wall on Waldinsel. I still have that, but I was surprised to see that I didn't have a photo of the tidily arranged haul. grr.

You can probably tell by how few and far between the posts are that I have some ... issues. This is actually a lot of work. My avs actually go out and hunt down 98% of this stuff (that's half the fun), open the boxes, deploy or wear things, evaluate how well they work or if they're worth keeping, take a picture, put on or out the next item - lather, rinse, repeat. I should also be remembering where the items came from and record the slurl for the shop or venue. This is usually done in Notepad as a reminder and so I don't have to be in SL to finish the blog, but I'm not always organized. And then there are the times that rain interferes by knocking out my internet. Oh, and I have a day job.

So, you don't get fancy backgrounds or lighting in these shots and sometimes I just can't be arsed to blog.

And I don't know that I can be arsed to go back and redo that picture, so let's just say there are some cool 10L items on the cart sale (among some interesting more expensive items), and some really fun things for 2L in the mini-hunt. The mini-hunt is fun and ranges over the snowy, spooky sim. The brains are difficult enough to find (look on, under, in anywhere and open things) in noonlight, much more so in the sim's chosen lighting. Because the prizes do cost 2L, be sure to check the pix on the website here before you buy. Lludmila made a list of things she really wanted ... and still didn't find them all. These folks are fiendish, y'all!

Happy hunting/shopping!

Sidenote: For the first time in ages Lludmila was hit on during this hunt. She meant to tell this guy that his auto-translator was lousy (she had to look at the Portuguese to figure out what he was really saying), but he was getting in the way of her hunting ... and she couldn't be arsed. She just said "No, thank you!" and went on her merry way.

Update: Annthrasite helps Lludmila out with
her own finds. Bless her! 

"Thanks, kiddo!" "Inga problem."