Wednesday, November 21, 2012

All's Fair

Pull the strings and win a prize!

We just love these little fairs!  This one has some features we haven't seen before.  It makes for an entertaining little diversion.

Make your own cotton candy!

What was that thing about never eating anything
bigger than your head?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bride of Shameless Self-Promo

Recently added to my marketplace shop, Unslutty and Undead, is a gesture that has already confused my friends.  However, some snarky soul has already "purchased" it, so maybe someone gets it.

I was telling my husband about it on our way to lunch one day (I made the pose weeks ago but had neglected to upload it) at our local Mexican restaurant and outside was a banner with, sure enough, the Dos Equis guy, leaning forward with that "most interesting" look on his face.  The banner was advertising some combination of the beer and probably tequila with the "I don't usually ... but when I do" phrase.  This, I thought, was hilarious.  What serendipity!

I spent literally minutes forming a gesture around it.  (If you have ever made a gesture, you know it can be ridiculously easy depending on how many steps you put into it.)  The wheeze is, you start the gesture by typing  "/meme" into chat and the pose kicks in.  Then the chat appears: "I don't usually ..." and you have 5 seconds to type in whatever it is you don't usually do (but I bet you do anyway) before it follows up with: "... but when I do ..." and then you have ten seconds to type in your hilarious punchline.

If you have thought of quite a few, you can do one after the other.  You and your friends can stand around and try to come up with more to top each other.

If the pose says something else to you (I dunno, constipation?), you could always change it to say anything you want - or if five seconds isn't enough, you can add more time.  I cut my gesture-making teeth on mod-able gestures I had in my inventory.  Feel free to do the same with any of mine.

Left to right: Godzmila, Bride of Lludenstein, Wolfmila, Lludenstein, and  Llugosmila.

Other items are available - and the Classic Hollywood Monster Poses set seems to be distinctly popular.  I only wish I could see some avatars using them.  Sure, I think they're cute on Lludmila, but I'd like to see someone else in them for a change.  If you have any of my poses or gestures and you just happen to be taking photos of them, send them to Lludmila Mirrikh inworld or link to my Flickr page and let me know.  I'd get just the biggest kick out of it!  Share!  Share!