Thursday, August 25, 2011

Awen Waxes Wroth!

The Achilles Bra - Heroic, no?
The Iliad discussion at the Pub in Awen has exceeded my expectations.  Yes, that's right - Rhiannon has begged for another evening discussion.
Actually, people are showing up for this.  They are commenting.  You'd think more people would be able to relate to cozy mysteries (I know I love 'em!), and saying you're going to discuss the Iliad is just a teeny, weeny, wee bit pretentious, but I'm counting this as an unqualified success.
I'd like to thank the folks who've shown up so far, whether they've read the Iliad or not (most people know something about the characters in it), for their comments.  They've given me more to think about and I just love that!

Summer Festival Fun

Yes, Lludmila and Kathy frittered a whole afternoon, evening, and morning away trying to win prizes out of the wading pool with the goldfish in it at the SM29izm Summer Festival.  Lludmila desperately wanted the swingset and promised the gods of the Summer Festival that if she won it, she would buy the scooter (that was calling her name although she's absolute rubbish when she tries to ride/drive things in-world).  It took a long, long time, but along with about a gazillion "box heads" the following items were acquired:

Cat head, that changes when you click on it.

Individual fish heads

Folding table that produces chairs if you click on it.

Up to five chairs appear.

Wooden bench.

Kathy won the bath bag (towel and slippers acquired ages ago).

Lludmila's goal was to win the swings.
You have to click on them to make the swing part appear.
 At long last, in the wee hours of the morning, Lludmila's patience ("patience" - HA!) paid off and she had a set of the yellow swings appear in her inventory.  Once she determined that they actually did work (just the framework rezzes), she went back and ...

Lludmila actually paid for the scooter. She couldn't resist.

... bought the scooter!  And, as always happens, she ended up in the ocean and couldn't get out.  But it was fun getting there!

For the clothing won in the wading pool, look here at the Other Other Blog.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sing, O Goddess!

... of the anger of that Achilleus dude.  Lludmila will be hosting a month-long discussion of The Iliad at The Pub, Awen beginning - oh, look at the poster, forheavenssake.  By popular demand (that is, Rhiannon whined at me),  an evening discussion on Tuesday, August 9 at 6 pm PDT has been added.

This is by no means a staid and scholarly discussion.  There is so much to love and hate in this story, so much to laugh at and so much to mourn.

If you stop by Lludmila's vardo on Awen, you can pick up a notecard and a free Bear t-shirt!  See the Unslutty and Undead posting!