Saturday, July 19, 2014

Small Pleasures

Beware of lazy cat!

What does Lludmila keep in her shed?

L2 Studio put out a new house, which Lludmila had to go see because she's addicted to houses and one of her favorites came from there. The latest creation is usually set out a short ways from the shop, all kitted out with furnishings to inspire the buyer. Lludmila didn't stay long looking at the Padre Island house because there was a couple on the bed sexting each other ... in chat and not IM. Sheesh.

Anyway, while trying to escape from an embarrassing situation, Lludmila saw an open storage locker-type thing. Wondering if it were part of the house and if the doors worked, she clicked on it. It's a free broom cupboard! You can bet she "bought" the freebie and took it home to stick on the outside of her current house as a garden tool shed!

On the side of the shop (near where you rez) there are some cute signs that are freebies as well. Lludmila chose the "Danger: Beware of Killer Cat" to go with her new static cat feature (that came from the Dreamland Designs fireplace collection). The cat looks just like our RL cat, Collage. The only thing you need to beware of Collage is to be sure to be out of her way when she tries to run away from you. A truly scaredy cat.

The many sleeping positions of Collage.
OMG! Just like the static cat! And about as much movement!
I have to keep cat beds at the desk to keep them from sleeping
on the scanner/printer and breaking it like the last one.