Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Virtual World "Problems"

This has nothing to do with anything, I just thought
the build was really pretty.

It was 14 months ago I launched the Unslutty and Undead marketplace shop to share my silly little gestures and poses with the virtual public. I did it for a giggle, for a small amount of validation (gosh, I'm needy!), and not for any remuneration (except for that Harold Lloyd clock pose - the clockface had been such a hassle to create that I demand an entire Llinden dollar for it). I really am pleased with the result. I get these nice little emails from the marketplace telling me who bought what, and I really do giggle over it.

The time for giggling is past, though. I'm getting tired of the emails. There have been 1,526 of them in the past 14 months. At first there would be one or two a week. Giggle, giggle! There's this gurgly feeling inside that I have shared something with someone - that they thought enough of what I created to get it for free. Pathetic, aren't I? Recently, however, I'm getting multiple emails daily. This is starting to wear on my Happiness organ, the Felix Organus Magnus. I can only be thrilled by something so many times in a week before I run out of mucus felicitas. It becomes a kind of burden to read the emails and categorize them (can't help myself - German ancestry). I can't imagine what it must be like to have to keep up with these in case of complaints. If anyone complains now, I just point to the "It's Free" sign and I'm off the hook.

All this leads me to believe that I couldn't possibly handle this as an actual business. There was a brief period recently that I considered making some full perm poses for sale for, I dunno, 5 Llindens. Forget that, Herbert! I don't need the money and it would stop being fun.

That said, if anyone wanted something full perm, they could just ask me and send me what they think it's worth, the final product, or just a photo of it in use.

Latest addition to the shop is a set of Amurrikin Football poses.

Photo above from Quiet After Evening - Fall at Leroy. Quark Fallen is someone else who just does things for free. Be sure to hit the subscribo because you'll get regular little gifts!

More Quiet After Evening - Fall.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

That Daring Young Zombie

Lludmila has added some new poses to her marketplace shop that have been sitting around collecting dusty pixels for a while. As usual, they are free and these come with the extra fancy trapeze hoop you see pictured. The hoop is mod so you can shrink or enlarge it to fit your own av.

These are only made for fun. It's a great challenge just to come up with ideas, so I admire the content creators for their imaginations as well as their artistic abilities. Good on ye!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Jeanne Out of the Bottle

Seascape, fairies, and birds.

A new exhibit of art by Joslyn Jeanne has opened at the Panorama Gallery. Jeanne has used her artistic passion to bring herself out of depression and into expression. The art show spans both nature and whimsy, often in vibrant color. Watch out for the eyes!

"Just put it on my bill!" Jeanne and one of her creations.

Jeanne's exhibit will be up for the next 60 days. The Panorama Gallery also features music and dancing, so be sure to subscribe to get notices of future great events.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


When I was growing up, I loved to scare myself by reading about sharks. We spent a lot of time at the ocean and so I had plenty of chances to run into one - which I never did while in the water. Now I just love sharkie things, so the Modern Horror Hunt at Nomiki's Creations has just the perfect prize for me:

Wearable shark head.

Shark prop with pose and screams.

Shark prop with poses


Shark prop

Do not miss this. It's definitely 5L's worth of fun! It comes with 2 shark props that you can mod to any size and a wearable shark head and fin. DA-dum. DA-dum. DAdumdumdumdumdumdumdum ...

Scary Hunt Fun!

Bobbing for Brains from DoggMata.
Ohhh, Lludmila's never going to live this down!

The Scary Halloween Hunt is going on, offering some really great prizes for 1L. Lludmila knew she had to have that Bobbing for Brains tub. Even if it will ruin her reputation as a friendly, non-brain-eating zombie. Fortunately, the animation stops short of actually eating a brain.

Crime scene (among other things) from TaTToo PaRaDiSe.

Why do I think crime scene chalk outline poses are so funny? This was another "must have." One of my earliest photos is of Lludmila in a chalk outline pose [Found it! See below.]. I think this is so funny that, the day they were to return from their honeymoon, we went over to our friends' house and ran all over the yard with crime scene tape and made chalk outlines all over the driveway and front walk. Then we signed the bumper of the car that was left behind. Unfortunately, the hours between this and their actual return contained a rainstorm and all the really really funny chalk outlines of separate body parts, etc., as well as the signatures, were washed away.  They went all through the house trying to figure out what was stolen.

The Grave, with a multitude of anims for two people.

Many poses with a headstone and spooky tree set to brighten your Halloween ambiance is from Izzy's Attic. Want more Halloween!

TaTToo PaRaDiSe
Izzy's Attic

Oh, look! I found it! from 2007! System hair, system shoes.
You've come a long way, babe. This was probably the first
time I took any delight in something that was for sale.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Another Sad Day

Fire GOOD!!! is closing its doors and Ariel Wingtips is selling the sim - but the fun fire-GOODS inworld are on sale until then.
Who hasn't enjoyed the particles and other objects of delight from Fire GOOD!!!??? Ariel Wingtips brought much needed giddy joy to the virtual world.
Fire thee well!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Endless Love Leads to Endless Hunting

"Fresh horses!"

Animated hay wagon from Ghostraven's Steampunk & Pirates.

Almost the right size!

Renaissance bed from Swan. It's recommended for smaller or medium size avatars. Lludmila's 4'8" and it doesn't dwarf her like beds usually do. Yay!

Gypsy vardo from MacMoragh and Muse

Lludmila's ready for a vacation.

Traveler's trunk from The Vintage Touch.

Animations also supply props like this fan.

Love the details!

Come up and see me sometime.

Lludmila should have remembered not to drink the water in
the middle ages.

Red Gypsy Wagon from Mystique for the Medieval Fantasy Hunt.


Amalia on top - as usual.

Kathy kapers.

Acrobats and stage from the Medieval Fantasy and Renaissance hunts at Swan. Many thanks to Waldron and Amalia for helping Kathy out with the acrobatics. These are a Must Have!

After all this hunting, Lludmila had to soak her feet in ...
oh darn - hope this is mod. What, do they make these
things for giants?!

Sweet Revolutions and Independent Objects

All the hunts still going on at Sweet Revolutions/Independent Objects and the nice sim make it fun to poke around. The prizes are fairly large constructs. Lludmila had to rez them at Waldinsel for the room.

Oh. Em. Gee. This thing is huge.

Basic house above.

Climbing animation with varying speed. Lemme tell you,
choosing "very fast" was a mistake in reference to photos.

Ginormous tree with treehouse - Medieval Fantasy hunt.

Climbing up the pier. Some of these guys should eat more cookies.

View from the top. Love the swirling water!

Mini pirate island - Skull and Bones hunt. A larger, more elaborate version is available in a sale version for those who like the prize sample.

Where's Cal when you need him?

Ooo, changing some tree leaf and fern colors.

Romantic campfire scene with seasonal color changes - The Renaissance Hunt.

Nice stained glass.

With a little cemetary and some pines.

Small medieval church - Medieval Fantasy Hunt.

Standing on glass that high up makes Lludmila nervous.

Amazing sky doom or dome of doom (hee!) - Four Seasons Hunt

Goodies From the Ren-umm Mediev-umm, Whatever Hunt

Sherwood Forest outfit & Lindy boots.

Wow, they must've been right about that mini-ice age.

Fortune-telling table w/ chair and 3 guest chairs.

Lludmila, still being punished for screwing up the hunt info.

Kathy's favorites: circus themed curtains, chair,
knife-throwing wheel.

Tamiron Forge - Sherwood Forest outfit (TRH)
Lindy Shoes - Boots (TRH)
United InshCon - Fortune-Telling table (MFH)
RVi Design - Knife-Throwing Wheel (MFH)
The Elegant Goth - Rounded Circus Themed Curtains (MFH)
Almost Wonderland - Wonderland Circus Chair (MFH)

Don't take Lludmila's word for it. Check out the blogs:

The Renaissance Hunt
The Medieval Fantasy Hunt

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Piddling Around

Skull and Bones

Hot Summer Hunt

Season's Palette Hunt

This is the last day of the Skull and Bones and Hot Summer hunts, so it's your last chance to pick up the decorative rowboat and loungers from Piddler's Perch for 1L each.

Still going on will be the Season's Palette Hunt with a storyteller rug prize. Don't be late!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

For You And Your Four-Footer

These hunts are getting tougher.

The HHVET sim is so pretty! And right now they're having a fun hunt where you find the animals and get the hunt prize ... without getting roasted or losing a virtual arm.

This will be a doddle. Just get it while he's yawning.

Lludmila really enjoyed it, and still has both her arms ... as well as ...

The haul.

... a huge haul of prizes. Above please see the gifts ostensibly for humans. Other prizes include accessories for the quadruped in your life (and if you don't have one, you can adopt one there or become one!) and some small animal avatars. Lludmila is tempted to become a snail and spend more time at the sim.


  1. Starfish bottle
  2. Large and small toadstool seats
  3. Raven tree
  4. A cat tree for displaying your breedables
  5. Horsey headphones
  6. Planter on a stool
  7. Two Chinese wall hangings (ooo! who doesn't need more of that?)
  8. Mouth weeds for large horse
  9. Carrot mouth cookie treat for horse
  10. Human display cage (strangely restful!)
  11. Fall leaf branch for horse mouth
  12. Peacock stained glass in bright or muted [pictured] colors (and modifiable!)
  13. Knitted pear and apple mouth toys for horse
  14. Tiny rump apple stand ... that gives apples
  15. Snail av in 3 colors (can't wait to try this out!)
  16. Small (-er than human) Seahorse av (ditto!)
  17. Short dress in stately giraffe pattern
  18. Park bench with critters (highest prim count - at 10!)
  19. Mesh planter shaped like an elephant
  20. Feed sack and hay rack
  21. Tri-monkey wall plaque and mosaic donkey music box.
More photos at my Flickr page.