Saturday, May 26, 2012

Virtually Charitable

Bag Lady Design Thrifty Store

Our Kathy loves a bargain as much as Lludmila and eagerly goes over the 60 Linden Weekend list photos to see what's up.  We often end up at Bag Lady Design but this was the first time we noticed the Thrifty Store sign.  What the heck?  We thought we'd check it out.  What a great place to pick up some trifles!  And there are many items 20L or 10L that go towards Relay For Life!  Kathy picked up a windmill!  She's thrilled.  Other items, 10L or less are available as well as some old hunt items as dollarbies.

But, back to Bag Lady Design ...

60L Weekend item

This weekend's theme seems to be music.  There are two pianos and a floor sit with a guitar.  The upright piano has many poses, but the grand has a playing animation.  The floor sit provides you with a guitar to play and if you click on it, it has sound.

Another 60L Weekend item

Liven up your area with some music!

"Cumbaya, my lord, cumbayaaaa ..."

No teensy weensy windmill this.  

Check out that windmill.  It's a 71 prim house with functioning sails and a door that goes "ding-dong!" when opened.  It has a hanging basket out front and a crow.  All this for 20L.