Friday, February 6, 2009

Grizzy's New Place

Grizzy's Old and Grizzy's New Cafe

Grizzy Griswold recently renovated her cafe in Second Life. Things have certainly come a long way since I first started hanging out there 2 years ago! In the Early Days, it was just a dance floor where you could go and chat while your av gyrated (and crashed, which is what usually happened to me in those days). She moved to a different location and slowly added games and live musical artists. After her last move, she decided to renovate as well.
This innovative reincarnation of the new Grizzy's Cafe was realized by Skye Lewellyn and LaDonna Upshaw and it has really taken the former hang-out to a new level.

The new space has a large dance floor, a sitting area (for Grizzy's famous discussions) and gaming area upstairs. Grizzy has had to add some hosting help to keep the place busy all week long because her Real Life (tm) seems to interfere on occasion. [What's that all about?]

There's a host of games upstairs and a regular night for getting together and playing.
And, of course, the skating is now on the roof, to allow for a larger building:

The fishing and beach parties still go on outside! The snarky comments still fly inside! Caring friendships still abound. It isn't the shell that's so important - this place is held together on the strength of Grizzy's personality (something she seems to think she has more of in SL than in RL) but this particular shell is something special. Come visit.