Saturday, June 19, 2010

You Say Vaaaayse, I Say Vahhhhze ...

Let's call the whole thing ... ooo, pretty! These three vases are the prize at Wine and Roses for the Starry Nights hunt. The hunt lasts from June 17-July 17th. I had to do an inset of one of the vases because things weren't rezzing earlier on my land - but things were rezzing better in my skybox. Gah, LAAAAG! Anyway, now that I look at the pix as they loaded here, you can hardly tell. Grr.

I had to lie and say I was a blogger (okay, maybe it was stretching the truth more than an outright lie - but it's not like anyone reads this) to get the vases without searching all over for the little blue star. I was there, like, 200 minutes (perhaps 2) and didn't find it. However, I did get lucky with the lucky chair and won the backyard window, which came up again as a wildcard round so I started IM'ing friends to find someone who wanted a freebie. Then Leeorie and I oo'd and ahh'd over the pretty stuff.

I love blue - but then there was this terrific fall leaf photo in oranges and yellows ... sigh. Well, that's why I keep changing my houses, you can have your cake and eat it too in SL!