Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Beauty of Rough-Cut Weathered Woodgrain

Fox with monocle?

There's another outstanding art exhibit at the Panorama Gallery right now. Detailed photographs of weathered wood in "Fencing In Beauty." The photos are merely numbered, so it's up to you to see more!

"Is it just me, or are there faces in the wood?"

The Workaround

As mentioned on the Other Blog, sometimes there's just one tiny thing that's keeping a mesh outfit from absolute perfection. The dress looked great on Lludmila, so Annthrasite ran out to do the same hunt to get the dress for herself. But, when Annthrasite put it on - uh oh!

Total perfection except at the elbow. And this will not be helped by a larger size.

Because it's the non-mod alpha.

So, here's what Annthrasite did. She went into Appearance to Edit Outfit. She chose New Glove.

She picked a nice color to blend, and then adjusted the size for maximum coverage with minimal extra glove.
After saving it with an appropriate name, she moved it to the outfit's folder so it would always be there and would all come together with a "wear."

Here's what it looks like by itself. The glove layer can go higher, but it didn't need to. This is the "0" point for fingerless.

It can barely be seen in the bell of the sleeve

And now Annthrasite double-dog dares you to find it. And she didn't have to learn how to tailor an alpha (although she should probably learn that some day) and rescued a 1L hunt gift without extra charges for upload. Go dance to your heart's content, Hon!