Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bonus! Hunt Addendum


After getting her attack snowman from the Kiyomizu Mall Winter Hunt, Lludmila was wandering around Kidd's Factory and just happened to look out over the sim and saw a car dealership.  She thought she'd go look because they seemed interesting from a distance.  They are amazing cars - vintage model cars and trucks.  There's a go-cart track as well, but we all know what happens when Lludmila gets in a vehicle.  She invariably ends up in the water.

But, Lo!  She saw a free soap box racer!  It comes out of the box looking plain, but it has a HUD for color and other mods.  It's fabulous!

Fresh out of the box ... with complimentary helmet!

Free soap box racer at 2Zm Motors.

The Sign of the Cat - Cross Posting

Kiyomizu Mall is having a winter hunt to find ninja cat.  Some are very very tiny and might require some looking. Some are right out front. A couple of the cats you will have to visit the main stores to find their cats - but it's totally worth going, especially for the attack-snowman (see Virtual Vagabond) and the kimono.

There are also lucky boards all up and down the mall - and if you have the time, just wander around the walkways and shrines and admire the view.

Wearable stool from General Store Run.
The seat is color change, several sits, resizable.

Ceiling fan light from eChau.

Skybox with on/off snow, couples pillows, shelves,
fireplace, framed snowman, & glass tree from Shun.

Texture change rug from Hikaru.  Lludmila likes this texture
and the painted hide one, but it might offend her veggie friends.

Now, that's better!  Another texture.

Typing AO that snows on you instead of typing
from MacTavish Architecture.

Flower arrangement from Klaar Space Design.

Tree from Floral Harmony.

Don't miss the tub of watermelons! Click on it
and get your own suika song & dance!

It may take Lludmila a while to drink her way through this 7m bar
and stool from MKD.

Garden stepladder from Natural Mind.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Still Available!

Both Lludmila and the December group gift from [dirty.little.secret].

Come over to the Undead Side! We have cookies!

Triple fireplace with accessories ... such as cookies!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Little Christmas Magic

Skating obstacle course.

Kathy makes her own date under the stars.

The Looking Glass sim has not only the most amazing scenery, but they've put out a lovely skating area with skates, snowballs, animations, etc. in their new shop area.  Also, at the bottom of the Christmas tree are some gifts.

Kathy is going to wait up for Santa ...

What? No new graphics card? Take that, Santa!

Don't mess with me. I've been drinking nuclear waste.

Vanish and reappear in a shower of gold sparks!

Wild Rudolph Ride.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Open Plan

The, ummm, withdrawing room?

Upstairs, downstairs, in my lady's chamber.

Some Christmas things and some surprises!

Check out the 'air' dwelling at [dls].  Talk about an open plan!  It comes furnished and is perfect for a location with great vistas because you won't miss any of the landscape. You can pick it up for 100L.
And while you're there, there's an advent calendar, several hunts, lucky chairs, and a sweet little pile of freebies.

Monday, December 10, 2012

There's No Place Like Home ...

We go on and on about how weary Lludmila is off clothing and now she collects homes and home furnishings.  Well, the holidays have brought some brilliant additions to her collection.

The first thing she saw was the new house available from Trompe Loeil for a mere 188L.  She spent two days trying to find a time when the sim was not full.  You all know what Collabor88 can be like at normal times - well, it was crazy.  Today it looked like only 32 avs milling about, so you can probably tp in and marvel at the miniature version - if you have the patience to wait out the lag.  It comes in four colors.

Lludmila's not happy about this house or anything!

It comes with optional snow - and Awen thoughtfully
turned winter shortly after it was installed.


What's better than a cheap gorgeous house? A free one, of course!  Ionic has a winter house as a hunt gift and, like all of Ionic's offerings, detailed and pure delight.  Lludmila was drooling over the furnishings, but the governor in the spending portion of her brain kicked in.   She's using this as a skybox, but the functional door is also a work of art.  Sigh!

Getting all excited again over a new house - and then
she just puts the same old crap in it.

The sunsets will be fab-oo from up here.

Bathrooms should have windows.  No, really, just try
using one in RL(tm) in a power outage.

Good old days table set - Pepto-Bismol pink waitress outfit from
FIN-Relive the Fifties, thanks to that group gift of 100L store credit.
Okay, so sometimes Lludmila likes clothes.

The above explains why the governor kicked in - it wasn't free or anything, but Lludmila just couldn't resist that knitting animation.  It's from one of our favorite places: [kusshon].  The table comes with the two chairs, a loveseat, the knitting bag, table props, and a prop-giver.  There are a few places where Lludmila would like to have everything in the shop.  Ionic and [kusshon] are two of them.*  If she doesn't want everything at Trompe Loeil it's only because that store is so big - but she would like a great deal of it.

*Here's another place: Post - holy cow!  Got that rustic chapel thing/hunt prize from there - so many houses, so little space!  Sweet mother of mercy, stop me before my inventory gets over 50,000.