Friday, June 29, 2012

Itsy Bitsy Pretty One

The Lady of the Lake awaits Arthur.

This waiting for Arthur is borrrrring!

Think I'll have a swig of this grail stuff while I wait.

Did you get one of those petite avatars and wonder what to do with it?  You have until June 30 to pick up some accessories for da pitty t'ing in a Holy Grail hunt that starts at Rook Poses.  There's a very pretty blue gown, a throne, your own personal Holy Grail, and some poses.  It's a mini-hunt in more than one sense!  Just a few stops - you've got enough time before the hunt is over!

Lady of the Lake pose pond for both moistened bint and a kneeling knight from Rook Poses (more than one prize at this location).
Lovely mini gown from Deviance
Throne from Rowanwood
Grail from KiaAna
Pictured is a minikin avatar from Caverna Obscura with minimized hair from Clawtooth.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Chair, mudroom cabinet, table, photo frames.

Happy Birthday mini-hunt at FD Decor - ten little presents (well, one of them is huge) to find around the shop.  They aren't hidden, just sitting out in the open.  Not all are pictured and the frosted glass chandelier below was from the lucky chair.

Topiary, sconce lamp, chandelier, bookends, small lamp.

You know, the more I look at those books with the bunny bookends the more I think they're RL(tm) items and not  just virtual goods.  There was a lot of interesting merchandise at FD Decor and Lludmila spent a lot of time there.

Tuscan fountain and Lava Lamp!

And that's not all she spent!  She actually bought these items!  We have a lava lamp at home and used to turn it on after going to bed and wait for it to warm up and blob around.  The lamp is plugged into a remote so I just needed to press a button to turn it off before going to sleep.  Then I found the cat was walking on my bedside table and turning it back in during the night.  Anyway, Lludmila was envious, so I got her one in our favorite color (purple).  We could watch it all day.

The fountain looked so beautiful that we had to have that.  We still don't have anywhere to deploy it - probably if we get around to that southwestern house we always go on and on and on about.  The transferable version was only 75L and the lava lamp was 55L.  There's a tip jar at the front desk to show appreciation for the shop's generosity if you don't see something to buy.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

More Happy Furnishings

Bag Lady Designs makes it easy for us!

Hammock with 3 poses.

Quilt and laptop, with and w/o typing anim.

Coffee themed chaise longue.

Chaise longue also has jumping anim.

Mesh patio goodies - with fly swatter & a touch of Alice.

Bag Lady Designs - Lludmila went there to look at the 60L Weekend items and picked up four hunt prizes!
Sparklers sold elsewhere - We can't pry those or the G Field mesh rompers off of Lludmila right now.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fun In the Dark

Free orange sparklers,
and copyable ... little flaming color-changing ... balls?

Free white/pink dance lance.

Oh, and the multicolored sparklers are only 10L.

Powawan Particle Shop at the Kokopelli Mall.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Time And Again

Lonelyyyy, I'm so lonelyyyyyy ...

This is like the Great Bed of Ware-ever It Was at the Vic & Al,
only in blue!

Hail to thee, Viking person - bist thou new in town?

Whatta huge pile of pillows!

Shedding a little light on the subject.

Okay, I'm taking down names ...

This was so big, only 2/3 of it fit in the photoblock.

I'm going to sit here until you take back what you said about my mother.

Dere Lludmila -
 I thanke thee fore the usage of thy howse inne the skye ...

There's hardly time to describe everything from the Medieval Fantasy Hunt. I give up!

Bench for two with greenery, Medieval Fantasy Hunt, Tharyn Design
Palace Baroque bed, MFH, G-Builds
Medieval cart with leaning anim, BearCub
Pile o' Pillows, MFH, MTC Designs
Candelabra, MFH, Habitation
Parchment and quill, Swan
Whitewashed fireplace, Poems of the Mists
Bench with shield, MFH, Otentika
Writing table and chair (Japanese house and tea tray not included), MFH, Trident

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Storm of Fantasy

Lludmila and her Bad Arse Bow.

It's time for the Medieval Fantasy Hunt!  Lludmila winnowed her inventory down to just above 40K and braved the perfect storm of  outfits, furnishings, weaponry (ohhh, check out the Bad Arse Bow from GTS Design Weapons ... There goes another noob, up in flames!

Fancy fire arrow - Oh, I needed that today!

Seriously, whoever thought archery could be so much fun.  The bow fires rope, prim, or mesh arrows.  And there are some fun arrows that flame or smoke.  I thought just blowing up a target noob was entertaining.  You should see instant immolation!

Exhausted after following all the clues.

[noctis] had a wonderful bed as a hunt prize, but Lludmila also spent quite a bit of time there trying out the regular furniture.  The beds are rumpled and the avatar snuggles down into the covers.  I was hoping the hunt prize would be as nice, and it was - it was amazing.

Zolio RP Realm had you go on a quest for their prize.  It doesn't take terribly long and they give you a costume and a torch to light your way.  That was a lot of fun.  We didn't have time to do all the shops on the hunt, but it looks like there will be a good haul for those with a medieval taste.

The hunt starts at United Inshcon and there are only about 60 shops.  The hunt page has the landmarks and the clues so even a complete idiot (Cal, I'm talkin' about you) can manage it.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Decorative Obsessions

Bag Lady Design prize for the Cookie Jar Anniversary Hunt

The trip to Zinnia's from the blog below that netted me that hammock fabuloso just whetted my appetite for more furnishings.  And that's what The Cookie Jar is all about.  Lludmila came back with tasteful shelving, couches, a 3-tier potting bench, a framed swing ... and there would be more photos, but Cal insisted on our taking pictures of his haul.  [Great free clothing for men is thin on the ground.]  Anyway, don't miss the Cookie Jar anniversary hunt.  Above is Lludmila's favorite acquisition from Bag Lady Designs (a shop she's fond of anyhoo), a couch, coffee table, and crabby artwork perfect for Lludmila's current little shack.

Lludmila really really really wants this house but ...
Once at Zinnia's Lludmila couldn't help herself.  She really really really wants a southwestern style house to go with all the great southwestern furnishings, so she was fairly drooling over everything at Zinnia's.  There are also two little houses for sale.  The Mexican one is to die for, and only 500L (which is, like, 425L more than Lludmila likes to pay for things that don't have saddles, gaits, and whinnies) but there's this one teensy problem.  See if you can pick it out.

The first four people who spot the problem, if they IM Lludmila Mirrikh inworld, they will win a cute summer prize!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Relaxin' In All Weathers

Ev'ry time it rains, it rains pennies from heavennnn ...

There's more newness at the Stray Pig lucky boards: a holdable penguin toy and this frogalounger that comes with its own rain shower.

Hammock comes with props such as a book, lotion, and juice.

The Cookie Jar sim is having an anniversary hunt.  You look for the little bottles of champagne ... and Zinnia's has this fabulous hammock as their prize.  There's even an actually helpful hint at the sign out front.

Must keep that zombie skin from going all crispy.

 While at Zinnia's, pick up the free papel picado gift.  It's almost time to acquire a new house and we're in the mood for southwestern style!  What a great place to pick up some furnishings!  ¡OlĂ©!

Papel picado with removable shadows

Sweet Spring Rain

Helloooo, Dolly!

The Second Life 24h blog showed some really cute items for sale at the Korean Spring Rain event on Sweet Isle and totally missed the lucky boards and the dollarbies!   We are here to make up for that.  The event runs until June 15.  We won a couple of cute doll "pets" that sit on your shoulder (this one I named Min Hee) and sing a little tune at you if you touch them, and blink.  They can also sit out on a barrel outside your beach shack.

Purple Rain? No, purple hair ... well, purple-ish.

Also available is this spring hair that might be a bit more magenta than purple, with flowers.  Very sweet.

Typical virtual world addict.

I think my favorite is this sin PC bang call 911! wearable computer time overdose scene from *yoyo9*.  Check out the cute details: 

She's still breathing, she must be alive ... well, not exactly dead.

Oh, look! Pogo!

Tip jar automatically sucks one linden off the unwary that touch it.

Available for 1L at the *yoyo9* booth is a chat animation that tosses rose petals as you type.  I love that kind of stuff.

Tossing rose petals chat anim.

There's even more at the Spring Rain Event lucky boards.