Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pickled Spooky

Ghost Bridemila visits Pickled Spooky.

Lludmila's friend Mossflower has done another haunted house at Pickled Spooky.  This is a non-linear haunting where you explore the rooms and are greeted by sounds and spooks.  The apparitions are almost all new to Lludmila, to her delight.  Give things time to load ... the house is full of surprises.

Whatever you do, don't eat the green ones!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

From One Extreme ...

Freddie, Jason, Michael - the gang's all here!
 Lludmila took the Scared to Death ride just to calm down.  It's all the familiar stuff: Elm Street, Carrie, Camp Crystal Lake, fire, torture, clowns, and graveyards - all with creepy sound effects.  Up to five people can ride in the pumpkin and giggle.  This was quite restful after the location below.

Village of Nyght - not sure if they're up and running yet (they have Great Plans), but they're all decorated, the zombies are wandering, you can pick up weapons and a HUD and have yourself a zombie-blasting good time, I suppose.  I mean, if you're into that sort of thing.  Which I'm not.  Jason, this is probably right up your alley.

Nice details! Opium upstairs!
 Lludmila made it to the haunted mansion and only saw one zombie, but she noticed them gathering around the house while she investigated the parlor.  Being a zombie herself, Lludmila gets a little squeamish about the idea of just blowing away her own kind.  But, if you're into role play, maybe this is for you.  Just knowing those zombies were out there was stressful.

Don't use fire, eh? Handy to know!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Grimm Experiences

Bats and shooting stars!
Grimm Shores seems to know what they're doing.  Yes, there's the obligatory insane asylum and all the pose balls seem the same, but you can hunt for five gifts in the skulls hidden around the sim.  There are secluded areas for romance, places to dance,  to break down (again and again), and diiiiiie.  All under a star-filled blood-red sky!

And don't miss the portrait of Marie Antoinette!

Shot through the heart (gift from Grimm Shores)

Moving on to Seventh Circle of Hell ... it was a bit laggy, but there was a reason for that.  There's a lot going on.  This is a place for big parties of friends to run screaming through the haunted house, be pushed around by ghost pirates, and share a huge dance floor.  The build is highly interactive and moderately imaginative (only one clown and no madhouse).

And don't miss the American Gothic over the fireplace!

Pay this clown 5L and enter if you dare!

Psycho Haunted House is at a "fun fair" - so you'll have to walk a bit (no flying!) to get to it.  Enter the fun house and become totally disoriented to some driving organ music!  We crashed once and the passages are narrow and intentionally confusing.  If you hated "fun houses" in RL, you might get annoyed by this, but more likely you'll have actual fun negotiating the labyrinth and ignoring the blood and tortured newbies.

This way to the Egress!

Accept no zubstitutes!  This zombie knows her haunted houses!

Haunted Houses Part the Second

This looks like it has potential ...

Lludmila tried two more haunted spaces.  It's going to be hard to beat Wunderbar, though.  She's starting to wonder about the clown business.  Man, no wonder people are scared of clowns!  Everywhere you go there's some figure or face with clown make-up and blood splashed all over.  Let's see what else we can turn into something sinister ... Ladies in tutus?  FedEx deliverypersons with bent envelopes?  Angry David statues? We beg you, find something newwww!

This haunted house at Island of Fear was okay.  There was room to move around (important feature if you go with a group) and a few novel items to click on and have a good laugh.

Don't miss the circus!
Spookyville is a whole Halloween town art-directed to death, filled to the brim with skeletons, ambiance, the mental institution (We're tired of that, too - if you or your family has ever spent time in one, it's not funny and it's just not new.  What about a terrifying office building?  Secretaries gone homicidal?  Disgruntled children's librarians taking it out on laissez-faire parents?  Zombie occupation of Wall Street?), the cemetery, picnic grounds ... wait, picnic grounds?  Anyway, it's beautiful, but there isn't much interaction ... unless you visit the circus.  Oh, and do visit the circus!