Thursday, February 18, 2010

Getting Some Tail

Kathy: This is your roving reporter, Kathy, deep in the lair of the General of the newly formed Bunny Army, General Cynthia Wonder -

General Cynthia Wonder: That’s “Army of Bunnies.”

Kathy: As you will. General, what is this thing about all these Bunny Girls running about Second Life?

General Cynthia Wonder: Our mission to increase the visual appeal of Second Life. Male avatars particularly seem to enjoy viewing long stocking-clad legs, cleavage, fluffy bunny tails, and cute bunny ears. Our very presence helps to beautify SL.
Recent Bunny Girl inundations of Grizzy's Cafe have led to a weekly Bunny Night (Thursdays) and the enlistment of Grizzy's shapely owner (far right).

Kathy: It seems to me that there are plenty of examples of long legs and cleavage running rampant in SL as it is. Are you asking your group members to wear these bunny costumes all the time?

General Cynthia Wonder: Hours spent in the official uniform of the Bunny Army show commitment to the cause. Many will be tempted or even feel that it is necessary to wear other things such as ballgowns or more comfortable attire such as T-shirt and jeans. This is certainly permissible. However the more time one spends in uniform, the faster and more likely one is to advance in rank.

Kathy: I notice that you are wearing the uniform –

General Cynthia Wonder: I spend my entire time in SL in uniform. I realize that few will be that committed and dedicated to the cause.

Kathy: That’s quite true. I’ve known you for ages and you’ve always worn the bunny outfit. I thought perhaps you have some interesting personal history that informed that decision.
The General while visiting haunted houses in October. At the time I thought it was just a Hallowe'en costume.

General Cynthia Wonder: Not really.

Kathy: Does everyone have to wear the same kind of bunny outfit? They certainly are common in SL, but yours looks particularly well-made.

General Cynthia Wonder: While *a* Playboy bunny type costume is acceptable, promotions are not even considered unless one wears the OFFICIAL uniform of the bunny army, which is the Deluxe Bunnygirl Outfit from Curio Obscura.

Kathy: Oh, they have great stuff. I love that place. They have that steampunk brain thingie. General, what do you say to people who think that this is a shallow reason for a group and that it debases women?

General Cynthia Wonder: Relay for Life is coming up in SL. I am a member of the team Spinners for Life and would like to use the bunny army to raise money for Relay for Life, which goes to Cancer Research. In fact this is the only part of our mission which is serious.

Kathy: A worthy cause.

General Cynthia Wonder: Another part of our mission is to increase self confidence and self esteem. Being a bunny makes one the center of attention at any party or gathering.

Kathy: Unless there are a dozen other bunny girls … Do you have some sort of men’s auxiliary?

General Cynthia Wonder: If a male avatar wants to become a bunny and doesn't have a very masculine name, he may join us as long as he agrees to wear a female shape and hairstyle while in uniform. If his name is too masculine, I will have to ask him to create a female alt. Thankfully gender reassignment in SL is quick, easy, painless, and reversible.
No. Just Plain ... No.

Kathy: I suppose that puts pay to the idea that this debases women if men can do it as well. And it increases the ranks, doesn’t it?

General Cynthia Wonder: My great hope is that there will be a day when any location in SL populated by avatars will have at least one or two of us in uniform. SL will be a better place.

Kathy: Well, I think we’re all for making SL a better place. Thank you, General, for being so frank about your cause.

General Cynthia Wonder: Thank you – and congratulations on being made Corporal, Corporal.

Kathy: DOH! Ohwhattagiveaway!