Friday, August 31, 2012

A [kusshon]'d Landing

Photo op balloon over the Skybeach.

Basket-Eye View

A little Aeromance

Back on the ground.

Starting tomorrow (September 1), the Steam Hunt (a classic) and the Four Walls Hunt.  Lludmila and Cal try out the offerings from [kusshon], a favorite shop.  From the Steam Hunt at [kusshon], a famos und grossartig hot air balloon photo prop.  Lludmila invited Cal over to test it out at the skybeach.  What a lovely view of the big, white photoblock.  But it's a perfect excuse to get all romantic!

And, speaking of romantic, from the Four Walls Hunt at [kusshon]'s mainstore, is the "lil garden ruin" with 9 cute, gemütlich cuddle anims for 10L.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Be a Silent Film Star

I'm, like, sooo available.

Okay, I'm addicted now.  I can't stop making the poses.  I chose to emulate Theda Bara's poses because of her sense of drama.  I'm still learning about poses.  For a while I had trouble getting them to stand still (my classical poses have that problem), but I think I've got that licked, now.  I have to set that root in the pelvis that I'd hitherto found no use for so that the av won't shift about with the standard animation.  And I put the priority all the way up to 4, which probably isn't strictly necessary.

Walk like an Egyptiannnnnn.

Perhaps a priority of 3 would allow the eyes to move.  Ahhhh, the learning curve!  Because of the dodgy quality (as well as paying back for all the freebies I've enjoyed in SL over the years), I'll be giving these away.  Not sure that there's much of a call for them.

Which came first, the Rodin or the Bara?[Yes, I do know the answer.]

Some of these poses might be more meaningful with props, furniture, or backdrops.  I might look into that.  One of the things I have found to be fun in the virtual world has been interactivity with "art."   Perhaps I will create an installation for people to just play in.

Help! I've lost me arm!

Belatedly I realized that an avatar with some meat on her would look better, or at least more authentic, than skinny Kathy.  We tend to associate the silent films with flappers - flappers that had no shape to interfere with the lines of the dresses.  But Theda Bara had some body fat on her which makes her look nicely upholstered and sensual.  So Angel was pressed into service.  Here she is above perched on the edge of something invisible. 

"Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits."

Love this raccoon-eyes skin from Heartsick - perfect for this silent film star thing.

ISO mantel and high-backed chair.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cozy Mystery Discussion Coming Up!

Join us next week!

Mer-Crossing at Lludmila's pied-à-terre.

Stop by and pick up a free gesture!

Sky High Retreat, Awen.  Discussion at the Pub across the river.

County Fair

Champion Headquarters, home of Champion horse racing, is having a county fair with rides and more. More carousels than you can imagine including the above Mexican Hat and the gorgeous one with horses.  We'll go anywhere to ride a carousel!

The landmark will take you to the race track.  Facing the track, head to the right until you see the giant slide.

Get Your Darwin On

Free Darwin fish necklace, earrings, lapel pin (not pictured ... or at least I don't see it in this photo) at Evolving Pixels  (this is an adult sim).

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Gotta Love the Cart Sale!

No-Nag Lag

What a splendoriferous lag-fest The Wash Cart Sale is, but so totally worth it!  Everything for 10L or less!  And the best part?  Kathy can go in there running 89 scripts, larded with flexi-prims, and not get nagged about it!  
Ooo, lookit all the goodies from Bag Lady Designs on sale-sale-sale!

Krashushka Krashovna von Kraschbruck

Back on the home-front, or at least in Lludmila's backyard, Kathy unpacks her shiny new potter's wheel and then crashes again.  This time it wasn't the faulty interwebs wiring (because her browser still worked), perhaps it was all the scripts - NOT.  Anyway, I love the crash photos and their grey tones.  This one seemed particularly poignant.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Return of the Mushroom Hunt

When I was little, I watched this horror film that I thought was called "Return of the Mushroom People" but is apparently called "Attack of the Mushroom People."  So, I was intrigued by this mushroom hunt at the HAL-Kaze, LsKingdom, & amoroso shopping areas.  The scam is to help the Mushroom King by finding his "princes" - other little very, very colorful mushrooms.  You have to pick up the HUD for this and there is also a map of the hunt area - but beware which 'shrooms you click on!  There are ninja mushrooms as well!

This hunt was a lot of fun and the shopping area is charming.  There are also small gifts to be found that will actually turn you into a sort of mushroom (just like the movie! oh nooooooes!) and at the end you report to the King (pictured above) and can pick your prize.

It's also totally worthwhile to check out the various lucky boards in the hunt area!  In no time Lludmila picked up four of the five prizes above at Dogtooth Violet.