Sunday, February 27, 2011

Carboniferous Limestone?

Lludmila and Major admire the prefabs.
The sim where Lludmila lives (or changes her clothes, anyway) is a lovely island with lots going for it.  First of all, you have a built-in zombie for a neighbor.  Please don't believe all you see in movies (or read in that stupid ZombieLit) - we don't eat brains.  Mostly we just hang around, doing a little light housekeeping and hosting book discussions. 
A gathering in The Pub.

Awen is a place for ready-writey types.  There are cute little houses (if you don't have an inventory chock full of them), a pub, a quay, regular activities (such as book discussions or dances), occasional art exhibits ... blah blah.  And it's pretty.

Room to park your sailboat ...
Lludmila gets in her sailboat and tours around (getting notices of group invitation requests as she rounds the "horn") nearly every day, admiring the carboniferous limestone-y thing they've got going poking out of the green (my trip to GB in the 1970s informs my lasting impression of stone poking through emerald velvet ... oh, and sheep everywhere).

Season's Greetings from Lludmila and Snowthulhu!
It's the same here in Awen, except in winter (and Awen's sheep must be being sheared at the moment), when we've got a brief period of snow and a skating area.  The folks are friendly - and don't try to eat you. Often.  Well, we don't bite.  Hard.  Come and visit ... then come to stay!


Frau A. S. Lowey said...

I actually have a theory about the zombies and brains... the ones not fortunate enough to be researchers or librarians are seeking knowledge, just in the wrong place.

Tanarian Brenaur ferch Owain fab Bran (Davies) said...

One time when I was visiting there, I had a fun time chasing around trying to find the way to that Welsh flag I spotted on the mountaintop. :D