Thursday, August 25, 2011

Awen Waxes Wroth!

The Achilles Bra - Heroic, no?
The Iliad discussion at the Pub in Awen has exceeded my expectations.  Yes, that's right - Rhiannon has begged for another evening discussion.
Actually, people are showing up for this.  They are commenting.  You'd think more people would be able to relate to cozy mysteries (I know I love 'em!), and saying you're going to discuss the Iliad is just a teeny, weeny, wee bit pretentious, but I'm counting this as an unqualified success.
I'd like to thank the folks who've shown up so far, whether they've read the Iliad or not (most people know something about the characters in it), for their comments.  They've given me more to think about and I just love that!

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