Monday, October 3, 2011

Haunted Houses Part the Second

This looks like it has potential ...

Lludmila tried two more haunted spaces.  It's going to be hard to beat Wunderbar, though.  She's starting to wonder about the clown business.  Man, no wonder people are scared of clowns!  Everywhere you go there's some figure or face with clown make-up and blood splashed all over.  Let's see what else we can turn into something sinister ... Ladies in tutus?  FedEx deliverypersons with bent envelopes?  Angry David statues? We beg you, find something newwww!

This haunted house at Island of Fear was okay.  There was room to move around (important feature if you go with a group) and a few novel items to click on and have a good laugh.

Don't miss the circus!
Spookyville is a whole Halloween town art-directed to death, filled to the brim with skeletons, ambiance, the mental institution (We're tired of that, too - if you or your family has ever spent time in one, it's not funny and it's just not new.  What about a terrifying office building?  Secretaries gone homicidal?  Disgruntled children's librarians taking it out on laissez-faire parents?  Zombie occupation of Wall Street?), the cemetery, picnic grounds ... wait, picnic grounds?  Anyway, it's beautiful, but there isn't much interaction ... unless you visit the circus.  Oh, and do visit the circus!

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