Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Scary Hunt Fun!

Bobbing for Brains from DoggMata.
Ohhh, Lludmila's never going to live this down!

The Scary Halloween Hunt is going on, offering some really great prizes for 1L. Lludmila knew she had to have that Bobbing for Brains tub. Even if it will ruin her reputation as a friendly, non-brain-eating zombie. Fortunately, the animation stops short of actually eating a brain.

Crime scene (among other things) from TaTToo PaRaDiSe.

Why do I think crime scene chalk outline poses are so funny? This was another "must have." One of my earliest photos is of Lludmila in a chalk outline pose [Found it! See below.]. I think this is so funny that, the day they were to return from their honeymoon, we went over to our friends' house and ran all over the yard with crime scene tape and made chalk outlines all over the driveway and front walk. Then we signed the bumper of the car that was left behind. Unfortunately, the hours between this and their actual return contained a rainstorm and all the really really funny chalk outlines of separate body parts, etc., as well as the signatures, were washed away.  They went all through the house trying to figure out what was stolen.

The Grave, with a multitude of anims for two people.

Many poses with a headstone and spooky tree set to brighten your Halloween ambiance is from Izzy's Attic. Want more Halloween!

TaTToo PaRaDiSe
Izzy's Attic

Oh, look! I found it! from 2007! System hair, system shoes.
You've come a long way, babe. This was probably the first
time I took any delight in something that was for sale.

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