Monday, June 30, 2008

Building, Continued

Lludmila builds, "Ker-CHOW!"

For my next project, I tried making something house-like. Avatars don't need much. And if we think there's any such thing as privacy in SL, we're seriously deluded. But I made a nice rectangular building with lots of windows for light. Originally it had "sliding doors" that were phantom and you could walk through them, but I wasn't able to maintain that after linking the parts. Now I just leave that bit open.
Kathy sits in a freebie deck chair in front of the little house.

A house in SL is just a place to keep furniture, so I pulled some furnishings out of my inventory and stuck them in. For the most part, they were just the wrong size. And, besides, I hadn't had the pleasure of making them. This is like my RL jewelry. Sure, I could buy that piece, but isn't it that much more satisfying to have made it myself, even if it does turn out a little wonky?
Lucky for me, the Restoration Hardware catalog I didn't ask for arrived in our mailbox. In it was the cedar chaise longue I almost bought 8 years ago but instead went for the wrought iron look for the patio at our new house. Also, there was a ton of simply designed furniture and my beady little eyes goggled.A chaise longue isn't enough for Lludmila, she has to make a couch and fire pit as well!

Okay, so I went a little crazy. I have some outdoor furniture now and I have to make the fire pit as well. Heh, heh. Funny story about the fire pit and why there is no fire in it (at least in this picture) ...
Once upon a time I built a fire pit and looked through my inventory to see if there was any fire I could just stick in it. I had several choices, but didn't know what they looked like. Fire is a particle emitter. It has a script embedded in an object and little, or not so little, objects (the particles) are emitted from that location. They can spread far or not so far. If you want to move the emitter, you have to find the object and click on it. If you want to delete it, ditto.
The first fire I rezzed to look at was an easy target with logs and everything. It was a bit too large for the fire pit. I deleted it. The second one was a bonfire. It was only made of particles and the emitter. And it was huge. I tried to find the main object with alt + left click and zooming in. I couldn't see it. I right clicked and deleted at random ... and suddenly, the ground disappeared. I clicked some more, thinking I'd finally seen my target, but nothing was happening. Why not?
Well, when the floor disappeared, so did I. My avatar plummeted to the ground and I was too far away to make any changes in anything. I tp'd back. The fire, the rocks, the benches, were all hanging in mid-air. I zoomed in on the bonfire again and deleted it. Embarrassed, I IM'd Milosun (the owner of the sandbox) to tell him I had burnt half of it down.
Lludmila surveys the carnage after the Great Conflagration That Burned Down the Eduisland Sandbox.

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