Monday, June 30, 2008

What Hath Lludmila Wrought?

Kathy sits at the glass-top wrought-iron table from my childhood.

The Restoration Hardware catalog was inspirational, but I dug into my past for the next project, the glass-top wrought-iron table. I could have saved a ton of prims in the making of this, but I wanted something more like what I grew up with. This table is still in the family. It has been nothing but a pain to move it four times (the glass always breaks), but I love it. The original has an ivy pattern decoration, but there was no way ...

Kathy and the mahogany desk.

There had been a desk, chair, and lamp in my collection of freebies, but they all swamped my avatar. Most avs must start at six and a half feet tall. I shrank mine originally to fit in a space capsule, and left her there at 4' 8" - diminutive but sassy. Subsequent avatars might be taller, but I try to keep them at six feet or under. Note the embossed leather top to the desk. Nice touch!

Kathy experiences a script error on the fainting couch.

I'd always wanted a fainting couch in RL, but a) it doesn't seem likely I'd find one I wanted in my price range and b) I don't have anywhere to put it. The next best thing is to make a virtual one! I had trouble with it until I saw one for sale in-world. Aha! But what these pieces really need are pose balls to put avatars in the right positions. And I don't know the secrets of pose ball creation. They are balls ... with pose animations in them, but they need something else. So I dissected one to uncover its secrets. Once that was done, I could cut-and-paste from existing materials. Mwah-ha-haaa!
I needed to find a pose that would fit this piece of furniture and Ms. Qunhua was helping me when I tried a pose that just wasn't working because the script had self-destructed. It did, however, resemble an actual "faint." So I took a picture of it. This piece still needs a little work, but I was pleased with the overall result. Hmm, a better texture would be nice as well.
I have now mastered Stealing Ideas and Cobbling Things Together through a process called Trial and Error. I am so proud!

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