Saturday, September 6, 2008

Goethe Institute

I recently visited the Goethe Institute in Second Life. Thanks to a friend of mine from NYC and even earlier from South Carolina, I can't stop myself from saying "Go-thee" in my head instead of "Gerteh" - which means I need some German Immersion now! Unfortunately, they don't seem to be doing this at a time I can join them. Sigh. Of course, I could go to some of the German sims in SL and just blunder my way through.
The Goethe Institute in SL has German language instruction, a museum, and some fascinating very, very short films on language made by people in India. The Goethe Institute has centers around the world. There was one not far from where I lived in New York City called Goethe House. They are there to promote Germany, German as a second language, and cultural exchange in general. Wow, what a concept! I especially liked the film on German HipHop. All of the exhibits have the capability of translating German to English for the rest o' youse what don't shpreck the lingo.

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