Saturday, September 6, 2008

How I Stay Humble

Model of Elegance ... or Shaggy Yak?

There are so many avatars to choose from! I've got the stick insect ones, the plush one, the middle-aged short one, the cartoony crow. There are sliders to make my nose a teeny bit longer, more upturned and perkier, ginormous. Free hair and clothing abound. One can look glamorous, serious, or just plain silly. Every now and then, though, "glamorous" wins out. I can put on a fabulous outfit, outrageous hair, and shimmering skin and preen in front of my camera. I can teleport around the grid to visit my haunts and strut my stuff. But I don't get vain, oh no, not when I have friends.
It just takes one friend to tell me I look like "a shaggy yak in that hair" and my humility button gets a reset. I am so grateful to my friends ... eventually.
It does, however, encourage me to stick to my sandbox most of the time.


Anonymous said...

I thought you looked great! Maybe there are better looking yaks where that person lives.

marfita said...

Sweet of you to say so. SL is an escape for me from a stressful personal life. And, I figger, I don't need stress there as well! (End of hissy fit.)