Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tip If You Got 'Em!

After years of hanging out at Grizzy's, Lludmila is embarking on a hostess position.  No longer will she have to suffer an hour on tenterhooks at a trivia quiz to see if she can earn enough to keep her in ... Lindens that she usually ends up tipping at Grizzy's Café (and some other venues).  Tonight she starts her hostess job and reminds any attendants that she has no control over the music so the only reason to tip her is out of pity.  Pity tips accepted.  Oh, yes!

Lludmila would like me to add that, after years of being homeless in the virtual world and never having more than 30L to her name, she solicits tips only from the well-heeled.  Everyone is welcome to come and dance and have a good time.

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