Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cool Stuff

Cool free bicycle
 Perhaps I haven't complained enough about my entire "toy" file (containing all my vehicles) disappearing from my inventory.  In that file was a beautiful pennyfarthing bicycle I had wanted for a long time.  I paid actual lindens for it.  It was gorgeous.  Although I know where I can buy it again, the idea of paying for it again and having it vanish one day keeps me from buying one a second time.  So, I was very happy to see on the Virtual Vagabond blog that this cute bicycle was available for free.  Hurrah!

Japanese drum with great sound and sync'd animation

The Virtual Vagabond also mentioned a free tiny piano keyboard on a lucky board at RMI, Real Musical Instruments, which I decided I had to have.  It's a real piano with keys that play.  While waiting, I found a couple of marvelous things.  One is this huge drum with an animation that is actually sync'd to the sound.  There is also a beautiful piano (costing in the thousands of lindens) with many features.  So many features, in fact, that I was unable to absorb them all.  
It's definitely worth stopping by to try out the drum and the piano ... and there are 4 lucky boards running, three inside and one at the front.  Cal and Kathy have already won everything but the mini-keyboard they went there for.  Lucky boards are soooo exciting!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out and link, I appreciate it. Neat blog you have!