Monday, May 23, 2011

Never Satisfied

Lludmila saw the cutest little house: two floors (well, one and a half), kitchen and living room downstairs, bedroom upstairs.  This place makes cute furniture too.  It's not horribly expensive - has a working door that opens slowly and naturally.  The upstairs balcony has a curtain that closes it off from view that also moves gently.  Lludmila's glad she went to the Demo to check out the scale though ...
Exceptionally Cute House
What's wrong with this picture?
I know she's only 4'8" - but when her head doesn't even reach the doorknob, there's a scale problem.  This door would be too tall even for the giants and giantesses that roam You Know Where.

Lludmila's First House
The first home I purchased for Lludmila was, I thought, just a teeny bit large for her size, but I was so in love with it, I bought it anyway.  Note that she probably reaches 2/3 of the way up the door which, at her height, is probably normal.  I know we need a lot of room to maneuver in, to skip around the ottomans of life like Dick van Dyke, to hang enormous paintings, etc. - but please please please keep things to scale!

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