Monday, September 5, 2011

Lucky Letter Listener and Boof Goodness

Boof has the most funnest things:

Suicide Piñata - you give it love taps, no really!
 If it's not in the hunts, the freebie boxes, or in the lucky chair, there's always the Midnight Mania boards at Boof.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy player - Can the Log Song be far behind?
 Or, forheavenssake, just buy something.  There's something silly for every taste and pocket.

Magic 8 Ball typer.  
So, thanks to the Virtual Vagabond, I went looking for the Lucky Letter Listener - which I had to wait to appear on the lucky board (the picture on her blog had a tantalizing "L" on it - making me think the prize was just waiting for Lludmila to show up).  I had to wait quite a while.  But there is a lot of fun stuff in the area and I won a panda bear toy from the nearby Lucky Jumpseat as soon as I got there.  Later I won some kittens.  Then there were some amusing free or dollarbie AFKs that I just had to have, not to mention a demo Harpy costume that will come in handy for the upcoming Odyssey discussion.

So I get the Lucky Letter Listener and I put the instructions through the Google translator.  I think I understand it, but the next time I'm out I plan to implement it.  Well, there's so much fun stuff at Boof that I drop by the mainstore to pick up whatever hunt prizes I haven't already gotten.  I don't know why I bother to get stuff there for free when none of the stuff costs hardly anything to begin with.  So, I finally rez and I remember, "Hey, there's a lucky chair here, I can try out the Lucky Letter Listener!" but my brain really only gets as far as "Hey, there's a lu-" before "L" comes up.  I think I won the Suicide Piñata.  See above.

If your translation didn't seem to make sense, let me try to clear it up.  

You know how Lucky Boards/Chairs announce the next letter up?  The wording might vary from one place to another, so I recommend you wait out a cycle and then copy the announcement from chat.  

"Wear" the device provided.  It is a blue pawprint and says "wait" on it and appears in the middle of the screen.  Enter the copied chat into the channel /88 but change the letter to the one you are waiting for.  The pawprint will go off, beeping and flashing red, to let you know it's cocked and ready, so just click on it and it will go back to blue.  

Basically, this device is set to listen for that announcement in chat.  You'll have to stay in the area, but you can be in a different window or sexting someone in IM and not have to keep looking ... unless you also want to keep an eye out for the wildcard round.  I don't think you can run more than one of these, so you can't wait for your letter/number and the "?".

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SpaceCase said...

Thanks for the mention and I'm glad you like the listener too! :)