Friday, September 30, 2011

It's That Time Again!

Halloween is barely 31 days away, but here in the virtual world, ev'ry day is Halloween!  However, during the fall, a plethora of spooky locations pop up and Lludmila considers it her duty to visit as many of them as possible and review them.  We're not going to actually rate them, just give our impressions based on originality, spookitude, and artiness.  You can tell right away that it will be really scientific, eh?

The first venue visited is Wunderbar Haunted Mansion.  There is a HUD you must wear (but if you don't get it at the landing point, it will keep nagging you about it and offering) for the full effect.   The HUD is just a small label in the corner that keeps track of the "exhibits" for you in seconds and you can use it to opt out.

Effective spooky ambiance

The house interacts with you, giving instructions and hints.  The experience seems to be non-linear, or maybe we were doing it wrong.  Anyway, you have to find your way out of some rooms and work your way through the house.   Once you figure out some part, you might have to do a room over again to move ahead.  Click on everything clickable - no, go ahead (hrr hrr hrrr!).  Some areas have to be experienced by one avatar at a time, but for the most part you can run through it as a group.

Interesting and unusual effects
Kudos are given to the designers for originality.  If we were rating it, points would be lost for the obtuseness, but as at least one of us has her brains scrambled by menopause, maybe that should not be considered the creator's fault. Heh!  This haunted house is worth a visit even without the free gift.  Highly recommended.

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