Friday, February 24, 2012

Time for a Change

Spring comes to Awen.

Lludmila spends so much of her time in the skybox and tp'ing to the Pub for her discussions, that she was unaware that spring had come to Awen and new neighbors.  She looked at her little red vardo, which was just a launching pied-รก-terre for the skybox, and the redness of it seemed to clash with her neighbor's house and all the greenery springing up.  We scoured her inventory for something small and suitable.

Cute little one-room cottage. Be sure to ring the bell!
 This little house seemed perfect.  We had trouble deciding on orientation.  Lludmila likes a view of the ocean, but a cottage of this size does not have a lot of room for windows.  We wrestled with it, but in the end decided to put the more interesting side towards the public area.

View of cottage from south and then north. See the problem?
 I would not live in a house like the above in RL(tm).  Air and light are critical to my well-being.  Then I remembered the portable window that was getting dusty in the inventory.  I pulled it out and deployed it.  It was a forest scene with a window frame overlay.  I ran through some photos I'd uploaded and while the view of the Great Wall of China sim made for an interesting view, it wasn't satisfactory.  So, I sent Lludmila outside, pulled out the sailboat and Lludmila pushed it into position.  I took a series of photos of different "times of day" and uploaded them.  Now Lludmila has a legitimate view of her ocean and the little house is not so claustrophobic.

The solution!

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