Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Little Traveling Music, Please!

 As promised in a post from another one of my blogs, here is a whole slew of vehicles that are free or dollarbies and available from the Marketplace.

Kathy had been on a visit to Virtual Montmartre when she noticed the stairs.  Recalling that wonderful scene from "The Great Race" with Tony Curtis, Natalie Wood, and Jack Lemmon, we immediately thought of the fun of riding a vintage auto down those steps.  Then I kept my husband up all night as we thought about an entire sim dedicated to the vehicles, scenes, and costumes from that movie.  Ohhh, what a mine of pure fun it is!

Anyway, we went looking for a vintage auto and found one immediately - and it just strikes me that the company in the movie that makes the Leslie Special au-to-mo-bile (which they pronounce as an unfamiliar word) is the Webber Company.

Fab Model A from Aimee Weber

We had only gone into the Marketplace to pick up this car, the SZYM Metro, originally ... but it's like being sucked over the event horizon.  We didn't get out until dinner was declared.

Lludmila is Volk auch.
 Whatever you do, don't ride in a car with Lludmila.  She won't try to eat you or anything, she just can't drive  worth anything.

This is what always happens when Lludmila is behind the wheel.
  Concolor moped is not only free and rides beautifully, but the main parts are colorchange.

Dawww, brilliant moped!

We thought this was just hilarious: the !Rickshaw+ for just 1L!  It has room for two and the charming asian noob's legs move.  Definitely worth the price although it's non-copy.

The absolutely, positively only way to ride.
 Also in the Nekka online store is this absolutely gorgeous sailboat for yet another 1L.  It's just so gorgeous a person could cry!  Room for pilot and one passenger.  It sails beautifully!

Lludmila will fall in love with sailing all over again.

The perfect accessory! Doesn't it look great on her?


SpaceCase said...

Thanks for the mention on your other blog, I'm glad you found some other goodies too! That rickshaw is so awesome! What a great find!

(I would've added this comment to your other blog, but for some reason, I can never comment over there.)

marfita said...

I checked my settings to see if I'd bolloxed something up there, but the settings are the same as this one. Don't know why you can't leave comments on it.
Thanks for your hat-tips! I always have this urge to make a screenshot of them and horde them in a little file folder to gloat over. :)