Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Shop

Just a few things ...

In a previous post I talked about making poses - and how entertaining that has become (if a an expensive hobby after a while).  I have now got a tiny marketplace shop up and running with my mostly free poses and gestures.  I'm still a beginner with this, but I really enjoy sharing fun things with my fellow denizens of the virtual world.

Classical poses (spear not included)

The classic poses I made, which aren't perfect (some are wobbly), are also available for free either at my pied-à-terre in Awen or message me (Lludmila Mirrikh) inworld and I'll drop them in your inventory.

More are on the way - I'm doing some film star poses, mostly silent movie iconic poses like the Harold Lloyd hanging from the clock pose in the shop.

Unslutty and Undead, the Shop!

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