Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Quite a Poser

So, I bought the AnimaretheHUD and tried to think of something to pose.  When I think of posing, I think of statues, and because the Infogroupies have an Olympic party coming up (no nudity ... for some reason ... could it have anything to do with me being snap-happy?) I naturally thought of Greek statues.  After two hours (two hours!) of grueling trial-and-error, I came up with this:

Kriscus Discus

The two hours includes trying to figure out how to upload it to the virtual world.  Later, I put it in a generic poseball and then decided it should also "give" a discus.  This required making a discus, which took a minute, maybe (create cylinder, shorten it excessively, make circumference smaller, add texture - voila!).  Then I had to find and cobble an existing "give inventory" script so that it would give an object (which was not its original purpose).  I'm pleased with the result - not so much how much the pose resembles the original, but that I actually achieved a poseball that gave an accessory.

Spartan Kris

Okay, this one needs work ... this picture was taken while I was still making the pose.  I might be able to do something with the hand in upload, but the main thing was that the shield arm did not behave.  Maybe he just got tired of holding it up.  Fortunately, I ran the test on it before uploading and canceled that upload.
This is what it's supposed to look like:

Zeus sculpture

Sorry about the willie.  It's art, people!
There are limits to what I can do with this HUD, but some of that might go away as I get the hang of it.  Here is another pose that pushes the flexion to its limits, but still gives you the basic idea:

Not-at-all-feeling-well Kris

Dying Gaul statue

Women were not allowed to attend the Olympics because 1) ancient Greeks were a$$holes and 2) the men were naked.  There was, though, one Spartan woman who trained chariot race horses and although she was not able to watch, her team did win.  Hurrah for Spartans!
Too bad for Greek women, but there were a couple of goddesses who got to do whatever they wanted.  Artemis went hunting.  Kathy should have put on the shorter outfit, but I was too lazy.

Huntress Kathy

Kathy's hand was formed in the upload, but her head seems to be uncooperative.  Maybe I made the priority too low on the pose.  The quiver is just from her inventory.
Also, I don't have a leaping deer to add.  I tried a tiger, but my tiger is a pet that follows and it insists on staying on the right-hand side.  That would have been cool, though.
The original:

Artemis statue

All in all, the Animare HUD is pretty easy to use if even I can slash-and-burn my way through the process.  The link above takes you to the website where you can see how it works.  The FAQ is hilariously short (but helpful).  I guess no one asks questions.  This was purchased from the marketplace and the reviews of the product were encouraging.  If you'd like to try creating poses, it's a 299L outlay and 300L-worth of fun (if that's what you'd call "fun").


Lorie Hyten, adult services said...

You are, of course, brilliant....

marfita said...

Genius is 5% inspiration and 99% math.