Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bonus! Hunt Addendum


After getting her attack snowman from the Kiyomizu Mall Winter Hunt, Lludmila was wandering around Kidd's Factory and just happened to look out over the sim and saw a car dealership.  She thought she'd go look because they seemed interesting from a distance.  They are amazing cars - vintage model cars and trucks.  There's a go-cart track as well, but we all know what happens when Lludmila gets in a vehicle.  She invariably ends up in the water.

But, Lo!  She saw a free soap box racer!  It comes out of the box looking plain, but it has a HUD for color and other mods.  It's fabulous!

Fresh out of the box ... with complimentary helmet!

Free soap box racer at 2Zm Motors.

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