Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Sign of the Cat - Cross Posting

Kiyomizu Mall is having a winter hunt to find ninja cat.  Some are very very tiny and might require some looking. Some are right out front. A couple of the cats you will have to visit the main stores to find their cats - but it's totally worth going, especially for the attack-snowman (see Virtual Vagabond) and the kimono.

There are also lucky boards all up and down the mall - and if you have the time, just wander around the walkways and shrines and admire the view.

Wearable stool from General Store Run.
The seat is color change, several sits, resizable.

Ceiling fan light from eChau.

Skybox with on/off snow, couples pillows, shelves,
fireplace, framed snowman, & glass tree from Shun.

Texture change rug from Hikaru.  Lludmila likes this texture
and the painted hide one, but it might offend her veggie friends.

Now, that's better!  Another texture.

Typing AO that snows on you instead of typing
from MacTavish Architecture.

Flower arrangement from Klaar Space Design.

Tree from Floral Harmony.

Don't miss the tub of watermelons! Click on it
and get your own suika song & dance!

It may take Lludmila a while to drink her way through this 7m bar
and stool from MKD.

Garden stepladder from Natural Mind.

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