Friday, January 18, 2013

Huntin' in the Courtyard

We thought we'd try the Courtyard Hunt because it was small (hints and slurls here) and furnishings oriented. Note: If you just wander around the Courtyard you'll find most of the shops, but also some other shops with, perhaps, cool free stuff. 

So, without further ado, here's our haul:

Seating from Dreamscapes Art Gallery

Dresser etc. from Chic

Skybox - looked all through my notes & can't figure out where it came from.
Nor can we find it. Cal must have deleted it after photo-ing.

This and more hunt gifts at Before Sleep

Wooden tree and DIY stool and crate from other hunts
also at Before Sleep.

No asparagus on this Spargel & Shine nighttable -
I have absolutely nowhere to put this, but it's gorgeous, innit?

Nautical Bench from L'aize Dayz

Cranes & sushi table from Shabby Tabby

Huge picnic from Creations Kitchen

Truly monumental artwork (resizable) from Kavisha's Gallery
Sushi & sake for two from PRIME

Lumiere & Persnickety hunt gifts and bonus gift clock at
Urban Daisies (not in the hunt - but we don't do this by halves).

Open plan house from Designer Prims

Bonus gift from Designer Prims! Color-changing daisies.
(Not sure about the one in the middle - perhaps vase didn't rez.)

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