Saturday, January 5, 2013

Our New Favorite Shop

[Editor's Note: The gist of this is: cheap but really nice/fun furniture at this location.  Sometimes we just can't get Lludmila's typist to STFU.  Look at the pix but read on only if you're bored.]

Just when I think keeping my inventory below 42K is a goal I can stick with, I return to the freebie blogs and see things that look interesting.  I was perusing this post on what's New in 2013 hunt and thinking, yeah, yeah, blah-blah, yadda-ya ...And then: Ooo!  A new little housie!  Now, it looked an awful lot like one I already had, but when has that stopped me before?  It's free, innit?  I must have it, even if it is similar.  This one looked like it had little window boxes.  Maybe Lludmila will want little window boxes the next time I deploy a little house by the water.  So I trip along to HC Creations.

I'm first to admit I'm a bit of a thickie.  Even with the hint provided from the hunt blog I'll have trouble locating the hunt prize, and even if I do find it right away, I'll look around to see if there is anything else interesting.  In the process of doing this at HC Creations, I ran across this punching bag and amused myself by punching and kicking it a few times.  Oh, very funny.  Wouldn't that be handy if Lludmila's typist has had a  bad day in RL(tm)?  Work off some frustration on a punching bag?  Ha ha, I thought.

Punching Bag 89L

I finally located the prize (confusing myself between US and UK definitions of "first floor" when I should actually be thinking German, apparently) so I was wandering among the beds and thought I'd look at one that seemed cute from a distance with colors I'm sort of partial to (aqua and brown combos) and had Lludmila sit on it.  It was set to jumping on the bed, which amused me.  So, because I have been looking for a new bed for a current skybox (and, of course, the dozens of other beds in my inventory weren't good enough), I thought I'd look at the price.

Letter bed with more textures than you could believe - 79L.

And that's when my whole world moved under me.  If it were possible, Lludmila would have fallen off the bed.  This bed, with singles and couples (and so some naughty) animations and texture changes was 79L.  Lludmila staggered up and down the shop wondering how they could charge that for a bed she thought might go for 250L (which would cause some real agonizing to pay, but could be worth it ... but please keep in mind that I have paid 3,000L for a horse - but that's a horse, for crying out loud, that Lludmila could ride and did all sorts of things and so far has not ended up in the water like all other vehicles she drives).

Lludmila and her horse Major chatting w/ her alopeciac landlord.

So, I'm afraid we went a teeny bit crazy there.  Then it was bedtime in RL(tm) and I had to quit, but thought I'd go back if what I unpacked today was worth it.

OMG.  And here it is:

" ... Kumbayaaaaa." Wicker set of chair, plant, tea set generating table,
rug, and guitar pillow ... 20L. Yes, you read that right.

Rezzing greenhouse that includes color change
accessories and plot of grass. Ummm, not many Ls - 79L.

Massage table, plant, accessories, & sequential anims: 129L.

Pillow pile that goes with the letter bed w/ one anim per  pillow: 9L.

I did go back.  I had to have that punching bag and wanted to confirm some prices before blogging.  It was hard to not buy a whole bunch of other stuff, so Lludmila just tried them out.

Hahaha - our view upon arrival.

Deck chair  with many, many anims - 15L

Innertube with anims and rotation: 39L.

Some of the reading material supplied.

I recommend this shop.  The items and textures are good, the animations are good animations, and the prices are more than just affordable.  Partially this is because some of the items are not copy.  So, if you want your bed in 7 houses, you'll have to buy 7 of them.  Lludmila and I don't furnish places to be identical, so that's not a problem.  I don't mind no-copy, as long as I remember to take and not delete them.  Not all items are no-copy, but just be aware.

Oh, and then while I was wandering around one last time, I found this for just 1L.  Don't anyone tell these folks they don't know how to charge for their furniture.  I beg you.

Sensual pose lounger - 1L  ... ONE?!  Holy shhhugar!

Addendum: Someone asked about primmage.  Items with more than one object will vary depending on how much of it you deploy, but here's the general breakdown:

Wicker set with guitar: 24 prims
Punching Bag: 11 prims
Massage set: 26 prims
Lludmila's bed (because they vary): 8 prims and 43 textures
Greenhouse set: about 33, the greenhouse itself is 2 prims and the primmiest item is the meadow with 8 prims
The hunt item cottage (not pictured) is 25 prims without accessories.  27 primsworth of accessories rez, but can be removed piecemeal.
Oh, and the massage table set was 129L. What was I thinking?! I must have just had a shopping fugue overtake me!

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