Sunday, May 26, 2013

Virtually Dreaming

Brown Cottage Chair set from the Lucky Chair.

Kathy dropped by Dreamland Designs just to take a gander, and went home with an inventory full of goodies. The furniture is stuffed with animations that give props when necessary.

Cozy Attic Chair set - FREE!

Lazy Days Beach Chair - 10L (just outside main door).

 While gathering information for this post, Kathy forgot which one was free and which was Lucky Chair, etc., so she scurried back and realized she missed the Sweet Candy Vintage Chaise for 10L.

Sweet Candy Vintage Chaise (just inside door), also 10L!

Rustic Blue Plaids Bedroom Set - alternate in the Lucky Chair.
"Where did all my clothes go?"

Plenty of naughty anims in the bedroom set, but also some
tame ones. Perhaps Kathy is reading a naughty book.

There's a Midnight Mania and a Mini-Mania board, so if you're persistent, you can really load up on some nice furniture. Oh, and I guess you could also buy some full price. Huh! Who'd do that? Oh, right - me.

Dreamland Designs

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