Tuesday, August 27, 2013

For You And Your Four-Footer

These hunts are getting tougher.

The HHVET sim is so pretty! And right now they're having a fun hunt where you find the animals and get the hunt prize ... without getting roasted or losing a virtual arm.

This will be a doddle. Just get it while he's yawning.

Lludmila really enjoyed it, and still has both her arms ... as well as ...

The haul.

... a huge haul of prizes. Above please see the gifts ostensibly for humans. Other prizes include accessories for the quadruped in your life (and if you don't have one, you can adopt one there or become one!) and some small animal avatars. Lludmila is tempted to become a snail and spend more time at the sim.


  1. Starfish bottle
  2. Large and small toadstool seats
  3. Raven tree
  4. A cat tree for displaying your breedables
  5. Horsey headphones
  6. Planter on a stool
  7. Two Chinese wall hangings (ooo! who doesn't need more of that?)
  8. Mouth weeds for large horse
  9. Carrot mouth cookie treat for horse
  10. Human display cage (strangely restful!)
  11. Fall leaf branch for horse mouth
  12. Peacock stained glass in bright or muted [pictured] colors (and modifiable!)
  13. Knitted pear and apple mouth toys for horse
  14. Tiny rump apple stand ... that gives apples
  15. Snail av in 3 colors (can't wait to try this out!)
  16. Small (-er than human) Seahorse av (ditto!)
  17. Short dress in stately giraffe pattern
  18. Park bench with critters (highest prim count - at 10!)
  19. Mesh planter shaped like an elephant
  20. Feed sack and hay rack
  21. Tri-monkey wall plaque and mosaic donkey music box.
More photos at my Flickr page. 

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