Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Yes, We Can-Can!

Kathy Can Can-Can!

Again, some of us just start doing something reasonable, like a little inventory housecleaning (in Kathy's case, it was reevaluating the dances in her Chim) which leads to finding items we'd forgotten about (couples dances) which require testing (and a partner) ... and the next thing you know, Kathy had convinced Cal to go couples dance shopping.

Really this just involves going to a shop and hopping on and off dance balls for hours. And then Kathy's RL(tm) husband comes home and Cal is left dancing the same 30 second* dance over and over with someone who isn't even there. Apologies to Cal for leaving him there for so long.

However, before they even started, Kathy found a promotional item at A&M Mocap that she decided she just had to have. It's a can-can animation for one (copy version) and it was only 120L. As you can see, she had a great time with it. The regular Can-Can is a synced dance for two for the regular prices of almost 300L for trans and 650L for copy. There are more promotional items there, but this was just so cute. Even Kathy's RL(tm) husband thought the animation was particularly good.

Kathy almost bought the "Frozen" couples dance but Cal's connection failed and her sense of thrift kicked in. Also, she wasn't sure what that elbow-in-the-face maneuver was for.

*Longer dances are now becoming available.

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