Saturday, March 29, 2014

And the Winner Is ...

Can't do anything about the glasses, they're no-copy.

I've probably complained about this before. Your avatar goes to a sim, just to go shopping perhaps, and is greeted with a warning notice about how many scripts she's wearing. If you don't trim down, you will be ejected. You look around the shop or the sim and don't see anyone there. You pull up the map and there are no other dots. Whose SLexperience are you ruining?
My avs don't need a lot of scripts to go shopping, so there's no problem removing my no-copy, color-change glasses or my texture-change shoes, but it does make me feel unwelcome, which I think (having had 20 years of Customer Service lectures) has a negative impact on my willingness to return.
Come to think of it, I haven't been back to those shops.
Then there are the lag-fests like Collabor88, where people are desperate to get their avs in and wait forever for things to rez and don't seem to mind being unable to move. No warnings about scripts there. I definitely strip my av down to go.
So, I was somewhat pleased when I saw the script meter at MFFIII. Yes, the lag was debilitating, even with a low-inventory avatar I'd sent in. That apparently had more to do with the time of day and general activity on SL. When Lludmila went in at another time with her 41K inventory, mesh outfit, glasses, resizer boots, she had very little trouble. And while her script usage wasn't at its lowest, it wasn't as bad as some, and we could see that on the board.
And the board asks you to please consider your script weight if your name is in the red, not "Get your scripts below 7 or you'll be ejected." It's up to you to decide if your weight is causing lag. It's polite.

Now, if only we could navigate that maze! Check out my Flickr page for photos of some of the hunt prize outfits we managed to collect!

And the winner is ...

Whoah! Check out Kyle!

You can look good and still go light on scripts.

It's a tie between Annthrasite and Cal! Go alts!

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