Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tabloid Paparazza

Lludmila was asked to take some wedding  photos recently. There was a large attendance for a popular couple in her group, so lag was ferocious and she crashed four times before giving up at the reception.We shouldn't always blame the lag; it could be our server. Anyway, she took over 150 photos.* Many of them look like duplicates, such as those pictured. But if you look at them closely, each one tells a different story. 

Smile, dammit! ARGH!
Pressed wrong button. Smile again, please!
Avatars are constantly shifting position. In the above photos, the couple are actually just waiting until time to teleport to the reception. Their typists may not even be there. Still, the avatars move. They look this way and that. They are caught being ... natural. Our human brains start ascribing thoughts to them. Timo looks at Galia's arse admiringly - or so it seems.

Lludmila stands quietly (somewhere - her typist has already forgotten where she was last) and watches the minimalist dance between two figures. She takes as many photos as she can in hopes of getting one really good one, but then when she goes back to look - each one has something of interest, something that expresses, if not what two other people feel, maybe what feelings are inside her own self.

Best wishes, Timo and Galia. The ceremony was delightful. I hope you enjoy the photos.


lludmila and marf

*Feel free to peruse the set - although a few were removed. Not sure why. It's not as if there are space considerations on Flickr.

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