Monday, October 27, 2008

Ish Scawwwy!

Appwoaching the Picklefish Hawnted Housie

One of my dear friends, Mossflower, has added lots of Halloween fun to her">Picklefish Island location. I went to a party there Sunday and ran into Riffraff (AKA Simeon) and we danced until dawn. Mossie gave us a personal tour of the zombies (I'll never go zombie hunting with Simeon again, he's rubbish with that gun - of course, it's ten times bigger than he is, but he only managed to wing one of them so we were all bitten numerous times), the graveyard, and the house itself. Whatever you do, don't eat the candy apple! Don't listen to Mossie - she's cute, but there's the very devil inside her!
The haunted house has a few things I hadn't seen in Second Life haunted houses before, along with some old stand-bys (the crematorium, meathooks). Okay, they're only "old" because I've seen three of them this month without even trying. There's a cool funeral pyre (if that isn't oxymoronic) and ... and ... Oh, I don't want to spoil it.
The fun is spread out, so come prepared to wander around.

Lludmila warms up to the Halloween idea, thanks to some friends.

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