Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Journey to the Center of the Haunted Schoolhouse

Kathy is Lost at Cutting Class: slurl.com/secondlife/Pulse/81/224/42

I really thought it was the end of my visits to haunted spaces in Second Life when Giacomo disappeared, but Shang was so effusive over Cutting Class that I thought I'd drag my reluctant posterior through One More. And then Kathy showed back up, a little worse for wear, but still breathing. I immediately sent her back out on this last mission.
I should have sent someone smarter. Kathy says "Clues are hard." Fortunately for her, some smarter avs showed up and all she had to do was hang around until someone unraveled the clues to open the security fence to the upstairs, etc. Otherwise, our Kathy would still be there, standing outside. She had only found one clue when she reached the door, while everyone else had all four. Poor idiot! I used to think it was all the hair, but I clipped that off of her for hunts and such to cut down on brain lag, so that's not it.
As I said, someone showed up who was smart enough to decipher clues and we traveled up the stairs. I bet Kathy even missed some of the little gifts that were scattered around. Once you find your way through the upstairs, you have to figure out how to get down. Poor Kathy! Unfortunately, there was someone able to work the elevator as well. Everyone wound up in the literal bowels of the building, in a challenging maze.

Thanks to outside help, Kathy is now stuck in the Maze of Blood.

Kathy wandered around and around, commenting that she had to get back to work in an hour, going from one nameless horror to another. After investigating every square centimeter of the maze, she found the way out and into a motherlode of goodies ... which she refuses to share with me, along with hints of how to get through the school and who dunnit and why. Grr!

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