Saturday, January 22, 2011

More Ossumness!

Lludmila won't be doing laundry today!

Yet another goodie for the 60L Weekend Sale at Altya's Dream Creation and Toys.  It's the Hospital Bed!  Just like I'd hoped for in a blogpost on my Unslutty and Undead blog!  Now, it's not like I'm above being greedy ... but when I walked around the shop after my sale purchase to see what I'd like to hint for next week, I noticed my eye dragged toward the more "expensive" items (400L was the highest I saw - prices are really quite reasonable).   This makes me feel a teeny bit guilty.  So, instead of lobbying for a particular item, I'm just going to show off some of the stuff that captivated my imagination.  These and more photos are Available for Viewing on Presentation of Visiting Card on my Flickr page.

 Nice book-sit here, but ... choose the wrong pillow and:
 Kathy being swallowed up by the quicksand.

The book/pillow sit (sold separately) is really nice.  Unlike the usual, the book appears when you sit and you don't have to dig it out of wherever it was sent in your inventory.  Elegant touch.  I really liked the genteel struggling in the quicksand, too.

 Who doesn't love a really good AFK? 

I have a nice collection of AFK attachments (one of them, not so very nice - ahem), so I recognize good ones when I see 'em!  A friend already has the RIP one, but my lethargic nature leans me, ever so sleepily, toward the bed one.  Ohhh, that looks so inviting!  That and an anti-idler, and I'll be happy to camp on your land for hours!  (Send me a notecard inworld if you're interested; terms negotiable - heh!)

 Kathy tries out the Wormhole - and gets the feeling she's being watched.

The POS* poster urged me to try it if I dared, and I sent Kathy through.  I suppose I could use this to replace the tp pad to my exhibit.  Just "touch" and "sit"!  Can't be any more complicated for newbs than the usual pad, but for the post-menopausal like me, it took a couple of tries.  

 Ooo, a palanquin! That's the way to go in style!

I think I have some freebie Egyptian outfit somewhere.  Must get this inventory under control!  Or at least back under 38,000.

Kathy thinks: Lludmila could use this for her next photo exhibit (see post below) to save on prims.

Altya's keeps me coming back for more.  There was even some little cow lying on the ground claiming it was free.  I picked it up and hugged it.  Not quite the stuffed giraffe that I lost in the Great Toy Folder Disappearance, but still udderly comforting.  

As a suggestion, to go along with the bag lady and legless man avs, we were talking about an apple-selling tray you wear around your neck that solicits Lindens** (in only 1L increments) and gives an apple.  You can buy one for your alt and send it out to earn its own damn LLs while your primary av goes dancing or canoodling, or whatever it is you get up to in the virtual-world-that-shall-go-unnamed.  
And ... the Mousetrap's not too pricey.  Maybe that can be next week-end's bargain!

* This always makes me giggle when people use it for Point of Sale.
**Or, as I like to call them, Lludmila Dollars.

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