Saturday, January 29, 2011

Starting Over

Lludmila looks over the rest of the skybox.

Some new items freshen up an old space.
Oh, sure there are plenty of skyboxes out there (and even a bunch in my inventory), but I always return to this old hunt freebie from Curious.  It is the perfect skybox.  It has a porch with a sliding door.  It has multi-levels.  I like the textures.  The space is nicely divided up for whatever purpose I choose.  The main area is great for slipping in my photobox to take fashion photos for my Unslutty and Undead blog.   Or, at one time it was a bedroom.  It could be a kitchen area.  This is just the best skybox ever for my purposes.

The 60L Weekend people thoughtfully provide notecards with photos and landmarks so that you can view the merchandise ahead and nip directly there for purchasing.  I only bought two things this weekend (although I had "marked" six for viewing).  The small sailboat in the previous blogpost was the other.  I had been looking at some landscaping (I need more clothes or hair like I need a blue screen of death) but didn't get any not because I didn't like them, but I'm sort of annoyed with my landlords right now and don't see why I should beautify my tiny slice of land when I can't be sure they're done dicking with it.

Anyway, there are some old pieces (the rustic bed, the print, the red oriental carpet with the sit animation that makes it easy to enter the skybox when I've had to move it and there's no current landmark for it) and some new: the two-prim room divider (screen) which replaces the other one I had that was about 12 prims, the matching print, the chest, the lamp - all of which came from S&S, and the framed photo that I made from one of my "skies and clouds" photos.  The new furniture was a deal for 60L.  OMGosh! That's even me, pennypincher extraordinaire, saying that!  And I didn't even put out the other lamp (not yet anyway - the smaller one is on the step) and I won't be putting out the water-thing decoration-thing because ... well, I'm keeping the prim count low.  I'm told I can use more than are allocated for the plot, but I don't know how many more and I don't want to push it.

I really have no idea what other people are thinking.  Do they want me to go away?  Was the exhibit The Last Straw in a long line of  minor nuisances on my part?  Am I being sent to Conventry where, with a tiny prim limit, I am less likely to Get Up to Anything?  The bottom line is that I'm still sad, still afraid to do anything.  Now that I've put out a few pieces, I fear I'll be moved again.  sigh.

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