Sunday, January 23, 2011

Virtually Depressed

My old land ...

View looking toward new location ...
Cal helping me take down the exhibit ... the last bit.
New locations offered

This has been one of those "perfect storm" weekends that send me into a one-woman (and a pride of avatars) pity-party.  There's a family emergency in RL(tm) so I am home alone without the usual support system (although I'm sure my husband has enough on his plate and doesn't need to hear me whinge over what is really just dollies in pixels) and then I learn that my landlords are moving me again ... after some of my things were partially landformed over.

I had that exhibit thing going and considered adding office hours where people could come and discuss things (and had already posted one) to my book discussions ... which were turning into office hours anyway, it seems, where we just sat around and discussed books in general, the platform we were on, and a lot of personal stuff.

This happened before, and it upset me, but today the reality of everything pressing on me hit when I logged back on and looked at my new plot.  It takes a bit of time to develop an idea for what I want to do with my plot or you with your sim, so one would expect that you would know ahead of time that you had a long term plan of some sort.  Considering myself an employee, I would have thought I'd be notified of upcoming changes or included in ... and then I remember what RL(tm) jobs are like annnnnd ... I take it all back.  Nevermind.

I'm sad.  It may take me a while to get back to my plot, as it did last time, and I'll probably find happy, shiny things to do.  After all, it's more fun setting things up than just living.  In the meantime, I had a fit of pique and removed everything for some astringent effect on the spirit.  It stings like hell, but it should do me some good in the long run.

I'd like to thank my friends who rallied and offered me spaces in their areas (I have one of those pointless Linden Homes, so it's not like I'll be homeless again), but when I'm sad it all looks like dust.

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