Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Magic of the 60L Weekend

Lovely hanging basket with hanger.
 The 60L Weekend specials are what Lludmila lives all the week for.  Bored with clothes, she now collects houses, skyboxes, furniture, and tchotchkes.  She might have all she wants from Angelic Designs (even though she won a huge gift card in the photo competition, she has no idea where she'd put the Romantic Island. Darn.) and almost everything from Altya's, but there are still things from Bag Lady and some new places that might pique her interest.  Today it was the hanging basket.  It was reputed to be low prim and color (or, rather, flower) change at Luna Bliss.  There were only three items on the 60L list, but when she arrived ... Oh Em Gee, there was just so much more.

The Spring Skydome

For only 50L you can have a taste of the Luna skydomes.  They come with a transporter (in the form of a gigantic orchid) that you add the skydome to and then when you sit on the transporter, you can choose which altitude you want your dome.  It has security features (to prevent strays from visiting unannounced) and the patio rezzes props (food, beverages, candles, a little fire pit, various kinds of particle weather) and seats that rez as needed.

A little romantic fire pitkin or perhaps the candles instead?
It's a small skydome and has only one background scene; the more changeable ones run for as much as 2000L.  The skydome is adaptable - you can remove set pieces or add your own.  The transport orchid will change to a glowing moon when not sat upon.

"Come swing with me!"
Lludmila enjoyed the skydome so much, she went back and got another 60L item (that was not on the published list), the two-seater swing.  It certainly raised a breeze on that Paris Metro hunt item.  [Note the gigantic orchid/transporter to the right.]  The swing's cushions change color as well as the wood.

Little things like this make Lludmila happy.  It's that quest for novelty that seems to be innate in hoomans and their avatars ... and make their inventories soar to over 40K.

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